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  • WP Multi-Network 2.2.0

    WP Multi-Network was updated to version 2.2.0, from version 1.8.1. Changelogs: 2.2.0 WordPress 4.9 minimum version bump Fix bug preventing sites from being moved Tweak some CSS styling Use more WordPress core functions for sites & networks 2.1.0 Add nonce checks to forms Add validation & output sanitization to form fields 2.0.0 WordPress 4.6 minimum…

  • WP Multi-Network 1.8.1

    WP Multi-Network was updated to version 1.8.1, from version 1.7.0. Changelog: 1.8.1 Fix site reassignment metabox from moving sites incorrectly 1.8.0 Support for core compat functions Fix bug causing site moves to break Fix bug allowing duplicate site URLs Remove _network_option() functions Remove network.zero placeholder WordPress 4.5 & 4.6 compatibility updates

  • WordPress 4.6 Release Candidate 2

    WordPress 4.6 Release Candidate 2 was auto installed recently. The white screen experienced installing RC1 was definitely tied to the WP Multi Network plugin. The conflict was stated in advance on WordPress.org, but I didn’t recall that being stated when I installed the RC. The other problem of AJC not being visible was also resolved.…

  • WordPress 4.6 Release Candidate

    WordPress 4.6 Release Candidate 1 was installed today and caused a plethora of problems. The main problem was the immediate White Screen. This appears to have been caused by a conflict with WP Multi Network 1.7.0. We came to that conclusion after getting Ajorel to cooperate with all the other plugins we had installed. I…

  • WP Multi Network 1.7.0

    WP Multi Network was updated to version 1.7.0, from version 1.6.1. Changelog: WordPress 4.4 compatibility updates Metabox overhaul network.zero improvements Fix site assignments Various UI improvements Global, class, function, and method cleanup This plugin was actually reinstalled, not just updated, because version 1.6.1 caused a fatal error with WordPress 4.4.

  • WP Multi-Network 1.6.0

    WP Multi-Network was updated to version 1.6.0, from version 1.5.1. Changelog: Move inclusion to muplugins_loaded Introduce network switching API Introduce network options API Update action links to better match sites list Better support for domain mapping Refactor file names & locations Deprecate wpmn_fix_subsite_upload_path() Include basic WPCLI support Escaped gettext output Fix bulk network deletion Scrutinized…

  • WP Multi Network

    WP Multi Network was installed today.