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  • WP Featherlight Deleted

    WP Featherlight was removed today. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the plugin, it just was no longer being used.

  • WP Featherlight 1.3.0

    WP Featherlight was updated to version 1.3.0, from version 1.2.0. Changelog: While primarily a maintenance release, one new feature has been added. WP Featherlight now supports Gutenberg galleries. Feature: Gutenberg support Tweak: General code cleanup in plugin Dev: Updated Featherlight to 1.7.13 Change of ownership

  • WP Featherlight 1.2.0

    WP Featherlight was updated to version 1.2.0, from version 1.1.0. Changelog: Feature: Allowed HTML to be displayed in lightbox image captions Dev: Updated Featherlight to 1.7.9 Dev: Updated jQuery Detect Swipe to 2.1.4

  • WP Featherlight 1.1.0

    WP Featherlight was updated to version 1.1.0, from version 1.0.0. No Changelog was available.

  • WP Featherlight 1.0.0

    WP Featherlight was updated to version 1.0.0, from version 0.3.0. Changelog: Tweak: Improved transition between images within galleries Tweak: Moved our disable lightbox checkbox into the publish meta box to streamline the admin Tweak: Made styles more aggressive to ensure elements look consistent across different themes by default Fix: Reduced false positives for URLs that…

  • WP Featherlight 0.3.0

    WP Featherlight was updated to version 0.3.0, from version 0.2.0. Changelog: Automatic captioning for WordPress images and gallery items (Including Jetpack Galleries) Spanish language translation Updated Featherlight to 1.3.3 Improved gallery styles on desktop and mobile devices Streamlined overall styles Added SVG icons for more visual consistency across various platforms Simplified the text used in…

  • WP Featherlight 0.2.0

    WP Featherlight version 0.2.0 was installed today.