WooCommerce Square 1.0.34

WooCommerce Square was updated to version 1.0.34, from version 1.0.33. Changelog: Update – Fieldset tag to div tag in payment box to prevent unwanted styling. Fix – Provide unique idempotency ID to the order instead of random unique number. Update – WP tested up to version 5.0

WooCommerce Square 1.0.31

WooCommerce Square was updated to version 1.0.31, from version 1.0.30. Changelog: Fix – SSL notice in admin shows even though SSL is provided. Update – Send WC active prices to Square instead of tax exclusive. Add – Hook wc_square_sync_to_square_price to filter prices sent to Square.

WooCommerce Square 1.0.29

WooCommerce Square was updated to version 1.0.29, from version 1.0.28. Changelog: Fix – If more than 1000 items, next batch is ignored. Fix – Wrong setting used when syncing product. Fix – Japan locale does not support Diners/Discover, so do not show these brands on checkout.

WooCommerce Square 1.0.28

WooCommerce Square was updated to version 1.0.28, from version 1.0.27. Changelog: Fix – Double inventory sync for newly created products. Fix – Infinite loop with pagination, where Square keeps sending the same link. Fix – Remove usage of deprecated jQuery method. Fix – Sync job should not be sending anything if there are no stock… Continue reading WooCommerce Square 1.0.28