Genesis 2.7.1

The Genesis theme was updated to version 2.7.1, from version 2.7.

Gutenberg 4.4.0

Gutenberg was updated to version 4.4.0, from version 4.3.0.

WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree Gateway 2.2.0

WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree Gateway was updated to version 2.2.0, from version 2.1.4. Changelog:

  • Feature – Add Apple Pay support for iOS users to quickly place orders from the product, cart, and checkout pages
  • Feature – Allow the PayPal button to be customized from the plugin settings
  • Feature – Add PayPal Credit support
  • Feature – Add support for auto-capturing orders when changed to a paid status
  • Feature – Customers can now label their saved payment methods for easier identification when choosing how to pay
  • Tweak – Improve the My Account Payment Methods table on desktop and mobile
  • Tweak – Automatically enable 3D Secure when enabled in the merchant account
  • Tweak – Allow users to set the card types that should process 3D Secure
  • Tweak – Allow users to set the 3D Secure level and block transactions where liability is not shifted
  • Fix – Fix an issue where duplicate addresses were added when processing transactions with a previously saved payment method
  • Fix – Ensure the payment forms are re-created after shipping method selection
  • Misc – Remove support for WooCommerce 2.5

Gravity Forms Coupons Add-On 2.7

Gravity Forms Coupons Add-On was updated to version 2.7, from version 2.6. Changelog:

  • Added $entry as the fourth parameter of the “gform_coupons_discount_amount” filter.
  • Updated the Start Date and End Date datepickers on the edit coupon page to use the YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • Fixed Euro currency formatting of the flat amount when the edit coupon page is displayed.

Akismet Anti-Spam 4.1

Akismet Anti-Spam was updated to version 4.1, from version 4.0.8. Changelog:

  • Added a WP-CLI method for retrieving stats.
  • Hooked into the new “Personal Data Eraser” functionality from WordPress 4.9.6.
  • Added functionality to clear outdated alerts from

EWWW Image Optimizer 4.5.0

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 4.5.0, from version 4.4.2. Changelog:

  • added: Alt WebP supports BJ Lazy Load, a3 Lazy Load, WP Rocket Lazy Load, Jetpack Lazy Load, and WP Retina Lazy Load
  • added: ExactDN rewrites relative image urls that start with a single slash
  • changed: ExactDN srcset markup for smaller images improved
  • fixed: errors during upload/download with WP Offload Media
  • fixed: Alt WebP refuses to process page when FB tracking pixel is present
  • fixed: SVG files within tags throw errors with ExactDN
  • fixed: thumbnail generation fails with S3 Uploads plugin
  • fixed: unable to modify WebP conversion option when ExactDN is enabled
  • fixed: ExactDN inserts full-size image without arguments
  • removed: PHP 5.5 no longer supported

Gutenberg 4.3.0

Gutenberg was updated to version 4.3.0, from version 4.2.0.

Liveblog 1.9.3

Liveblog was updated to version 1.9.3, from version 1.9.1. Changelogs:


  • Improve caching by setting a short TTL on future timestamps


  • Fix for overzealous API requests in author list
  • Prevent empty entries
  • Restored customisable Key Events widget title
  • Restore deletion confirmation for entries
  • Performance improvements to the build

Yoast SEO 9.1

Yoast SEO was updated to version 9.1, from version 9.0.3. Changelog:

  • Improves keyphrase recognition in the first paragraph on texts which start with images and captions.
  • Adds a warning notification to the permalink settings page, linking to a knowledge base article.
  • Adds the filter wpseo_opengraph_is_valid_image_url that allows custom image URL validation.
  • Updates the font size of the snippet title measure element to correctly mimic Google desktop snippet title.
  • Fixes a bug where the featured image was not recognized in the SEO analysis when using Gutenberg.
  • Fixes an accessibility issue where focus would be lost when removing an uploaded image in the configuration wizard.
  • Fixes a bug where notices were being thrown when quick editing a post and no post type object could be found.
  • Fixes a bug where a dependency wasn’t loaded for the SEO -> Tools page.
  • Fixes a faulty reference to the old SEOAssessor class.
  • Fixes the copy of the date archives help text which contains faulty information.
  • Fixes the spelling of the words “plug-in” and “set-up”.
  • Fixes a bug where a type error is thrown when the posts or terms focus keyword isn’t of the type WP_Post as this can collide with third-party plugins.
  • Changes the reference in the admin bar menu from “AdWords External” to “Google Ads”.
  • Removes non-functioning eye-markers for the link keyphrase assessment.

Gutenberg 4.2.0

Gutenberg was updated to version 4.2.0, from version 4.1.0.