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  • Simple Lightbox Deleted

    Simple Lightbox was deleted today.

  • Simple Lightbox 2.4

    Simple Lightbox was updated to version 2.4, from version 2.3.1. Changelog: Update: WordPress version compatibility (v4.2.1) Optimize: Standardize code Optimize: Do not process excerpt content Optimize: Client-side libraries (Phase 1) Add: Set group via slb_activate() Add: Set group via activate_links() Add: slb_is_enabled filter

  • Simple Lightbox 2.3.1

    Simple Lightbox was updated to version 2.3.1, from version 2.2.2. Changelog: Update: WordPress 3.9 support Update: Support URI, content Add: Enhanced grouping support Add: Shortcode: [slb_group] Add: Shortcode: [slb_exclude] Add: Filter: slb_pre_process_links Add: Filter: slb_post_process_links Add: Filter: slb_process_link_attributes Add: Filter: slb_media_item_properties Add: Filter: slb_pre_exclude_content Add: Filter: slb_exclude_shortcodes Add: Filter: slb_group_shortcodes Add: Template Tag: slb_activate() – […]

  • Simple Lightbox 2.2.2

    Simple Lightbox was updated to version 2.2.2, from version 2.2.1. Changelog: Optimize: Widget processing Optimize: Remove call-time-pass-by-references

  • Simple Lightbox 2.2.1

    Simple Lightbox was updated to version 2.2.1, from version 2.2. Changelog: Fix: Enable/Disable lightbox on certain requests Fix: Widget links grouped with post links Optimize: Client-side loading Optimize: Theme validation Optimize: Widget processing

  • Simple Lightbox 2.2.0

    Simple Lightbox was updated to version 2.2.0, from version 2.1.3. Changelog: Add-on support Load external data for item Unloading process for viewer Relative links marked as “internal” Grunt build workflow Initialization process Client-side output (JavaScript, CSS) Improved URI handling (variants, query strings, etc.) Improved support for content types (video, etc.) Improved File contents retrieval Plugin […]

  • Simple Lightbox 2.1.3

    Simple Lightbox 2.1.3 was installed today.