Tag: Missed Schedule

  • Missed Schedule – June 1st

    Three posts missed their scheduled time on June 1st and this post missed it’s schedule.

  • Missed Schedule – May 8, 2017

    There was another missed schedule post. This missed schedule post also missed.

  • Akismet 3.1.7

    Akismet was updated to version 3.1.7, from version 3.1.6. Changelog: Added documentation for the ‘akismet_comment_nonce’ filter. The post-install activation button is now accessible to screen readers and keyboard-only users. Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Remove author URL” feature from working in WordPress 4.4 This article missed it’s scheduled time.

  • Divi

    The Divi theme was installed today. This article also missed it’s original schedule.

  • Liveblog 1.5

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.5, from version 1.4.1. Changelog: New “Key Events” feature New “Lazyloading” feature Improved escaping This article missed it’s scheduled time.

  • Default Themes with WordPress 4.4

    The default themes were updated today. Twenty Ten Twenty Eleven Twenty Twelve Twenty Thirteen Twenty Fourteen Twenty Fifteen Twenty Sixteen was updated a couple days ago. This article also missed it’s original schedule.

  • iThemes Sync 1.8.2

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.8.2, from version 1.8.1. Changelog: Compatibility Fix: Updated method that the Client Dashboard uses to read admin menu details. This avoids conflicts with some plugins that modify the admin menu later than expected. This article missed it’s schedule.

  • BackupBuddy

    BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs: Fixed S3 v2 test giving error about deleting temporary object. Added new safeguard default cap of 50 GB maximum local storage usage to prevent runaway storage of backups if user has not instituted their own cap in Settings. This may be changed in…

  • Missed Schedule – August 27th

    Two more posts missed their schedule today. I think we are back on a bad streak. Continuing with the trend, this post missed it’s original schedule also.

  • Missed Schedule – August 20th

    Our latest missed post was on August 20th. This error post also missed it’s scheduled time.