Tag: Liveblog

  • Liveblog 1.9.4

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.9.4, from version 1.9.3. Changelog: Send the correct data to get_liveblog_metadata() Render AMP css safe without using esc_html to pass AMP validation Don’t run WPCOM_Liveblog_AMP::setup() on non-live posts.

  • Liveblog 1.9.3

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.9.3, from version 1.9.1. Changelogs: 1.9.3 Improve caching by setting a short TTL on future timestamps 1.9.2 Fix for overzealous API requests in author list Prevent empty entries Restored customisable Key Events widget title Restore deletion confirmation for entries Performance improvements to the build

  • Liveblog 1.9.1

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.9.1, from version 1.9.0. Changelog: Multiple coding standards fixes Removes unused debug code Fix rendering embeds upon entry updates Avoid null dereference in get_user_data_for_json() Improvements to code review process

  • Liveblog 1.9

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.9, from version 1.8.2. Changelog: Round out polling timestamp for improved performance Use the new core jshint rules, instead of ours Add LiveBlogPosting Schema AMP Support Move is_robot function to javascript JS api actions can now be configured to send cross domain requests Fix deprecated notice about non-static function Remove…

  • Liveblog 1.8.2

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.8.2, from version 1.8.1. No Changelog was available.

  • Liveblog 1.8.1

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.8.1, from version 1.7.1. No Changelog was available.

  • Liveblog 1.7.1

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.7.1, from version 1.7.0. Changelog: Fix bug with REST endpoints in Multisite Fix for some failing unit tests due to core changes Fix for bug where shortcodes would be removed completely Fixed some pagination issues in relatively unique circumstances Fixed a bug that failed to correctly handle avatars Made sure…

  • Liveblog 1.7.0

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.7.0, from version 1.6. Changelog: New: Mobile-friendly React-based frontend UI for a better editing experience across devices. Various UI bugfixes thanks to the new frontend. Fix for incorrect use of defined().

  • Liveblog 1.6

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.6, from version 1.5.2. Changelog: REST API support Performance improvements to lazy loading Auto-archiving of Liveblogs Removed copied core functions Improved test coverage Bugfix for edited comments appearing on archived Liveblogs Bugfix for multiple edits issue Bugfix for deleted key events appearing after edits Bugfix for shortcodes within key events…

  • Liveblog 1.5.2

    Liveblog was updated to version 1.5.2, from version 1.5.1. No Changelog was available.