Tag: iThemes Sync

  • iThemes Sync 1.16.1

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.16.1, from version 1.15.0. Changelogs: 1.16.1 Committing missing code change, no affect on code but needs to be included 1.16.0 Improvement: Extending comment functionality

  • iThemes Sync 1.15.0

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.15.0, from version 1.12.0. Changelogs: 1.15.0 Improvement: Extending Federated Login functionality to include subpages to wp-admin 1.14.1 Bug Fix: Typo in last commit prevent some BuB notices that are needed 1.14.0 Improvement: Reduce amount of BackupBuddy noise being sent through to Urgent Notices. 1.13.0 Enhancement: Extending Federated Login functionality […]

  • iThemes Sync 1.12.0

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.12.0, from version 1.11.0. Changelog: Enhancement: Federated Login

  • iThemes Sync 1.11.0

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.11.0, from version 1.10.0. Changelog: Enhancement: Pre-Release to new Whitelabelled Reporting Verbs Bug Fix: Stop sending empty security notices

  • iThemes Sync 1.10.0

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.10.0, from version 1.9.0. Changelog: Enhancement: Code efficiency updates Bug Fix: Fixing invalid path reference

  • iThemes Sync 1.9.0

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.9.0, from version 1.8.3. Changelog: Enhancement: Adding Core, Plugin, and Theme notices Enhacnement: Adding more information with Plugin and Theme verbs Compatibility Fix: Automatically add Sync Server IPs to iThemes Security whitelist Bug Fix: Handle reporting properly when site is synced to multiple profiles

  • iThemes Sync 1.8.3

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.8.3, from version 1.8.2. Changelog: Bug Fix: Data from plugins, themes, and other sources that contain non-UTF-8 data are now properly parsed into UTF-8 encoding. This prevents problems communicating between the site and the Sync server when such data are present.

  • iThemes Sync 1.8.2

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.8.2, from version 1.8.1. Changelog: Compatibility Fix: Updated method that the Client Dashboard uses to read admin menu details. This avoids conflicts with some plugins that modify the admin menu later than expected. This article missed it’s schedule.

  • iThemes Sync 1.8.1

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.8.1, from version 1.8.0. Changelog: Compatibility Fix: Added support for a define to disable a feature of Sync that sets the WP_ADMIN define to true when handling an authenticated request from the Sync server. This feature exists to prevent compatibility issues with some security plugins yet can also cause […]

  • iThemes Sync 1.8.0

    iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.8.0, from version 1.7.0. Changelog: Enhancement: Added support for translations being located outside the plugin. Compatibility Fix: Later priorities for Sync dashboard admin menu filtering to work with certain edge-case plugins. Bug Fix: Changed path sent to load_plugin_textdomain() in order to properly load translations.