iThemes Sync 2.0.1

iThemes Sync was updated to version 2.0.1, from version 2.0.0. Changelog: Bug Fix: Adding code to get-authentication-token verb to set the scheme to https by default if it should be

iThemes Sync 1.173.1

iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.173.1, from version 1.172.2. Changelogs: 1.173.1 Enhancement: Change how we store google verification option for Search Console/Webmaster Tools 1.173.0 Enhancement: Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools functionality

iThemes Sync 1.172.2

iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.172.2, from version 1.172.0. Changelogs: 1.172.2 Bug Fix: Workaround to download reports when fopen or openssl are disabled. 1.172.1 Enhancement: Database Optimizations

iThemes Sync 1.171.2

iThemes Sync was updated to version 1.171.2, from version 1.16.1. I’m pretty sure the version number is messed up, but it is what’s listed. Changelog: 1.171.2 Tagging Version Number Bug 1.17.2 Bug Fix: Try to set admin user as synced user for activity actions 1.17.1 Bug Fix: Removing improper action priority. 1.17.0 Improvement: Posts/Pages and… Continue reading iThemes Sync 1.171.2