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  • iThemes Security 4.0.12

    iThemes Security was updated to version 4.0.12, from version 4.0.10. Changelog: Added “Show intro” button next to screen options to bring the intro modal back Added ability to use HTML in error messages Minor copy and other tweaks Private posts will now work with hide backend Added an option for custom login action that can […]

  • iThemes Security 4.0.10

    iThemes Security was updated to version 4.0.10, from version 4.0.8. Changelog: only save post meta for ssl when the value is true fixed missing admin user settings if only one part had been changed SSL Redirection working properly on front end. No more redirect errors hide backend will warn of the new url when saving […]

  • iThemes Security 4.0.8

    iThemes Security was updated to version 4.0.8, from version 4.0.5. Changelog: 4.0.8 Removed error message that could happen on user creation with strong passwords enabled Moved strong password js later in execution cycle to prevent errors More hide backend tweaks to cover remaining white screen issues Removed option to enqueue a new version of jQuery […]

  • iThemes Security 4.0.5

    iThemes Security was updated to version 4.0.5, from version 4.0.2. Changelog: Fixed away mode not allowing PM times. Fixed general copy typos. Non super admins will no longer see the “Security” menu item in the admin bar on multisite. Update to iThemes’ icon-fonts library to account for ABSPATH set to ” or ‘/’. Fixed relative […]

  • iThemes Security 4.0.2

    iThemes Security, formerly  Better WP Security, was updated to version 4.0.2, from version 4.0.1. Changelog: Fixed bug in conversion of wildcard ip (ie 131.2.1.*) to proper netmask. Should prevent 500 errors on sites.

  • Better WP Security 4.0.1

    Better WP Security was updated to version 4.0.1, from version 3.6.6. Changelog: 4.0.1 Fix for issue whereas a blank deny ip line could be entered into wp-config.php during update if banned users was used. 4.0.0 Better WP Security is now iThemes Security. jQuery Scanner looks for vulnerable versions of jQuery in your theme and gives […]