Edit Flow 0.9

Edit Flow was updated to version 0.9, from version 0.8.2. Changelog: Feature: Block Editor compatibility for Custom Status module. Feature: new filter ef_calendar_item_html for Calendar module that allows to print custom markup for each day. UI Improvement: start removing arbitrary colors and conform to WP Color guide. A collective effort. UI Improvement: Add [NO ACCESS]… Continue reading Edit Flow 0.9

Edit Flow 0.8.2

Edit Flow was updated to version 0.8.2, from version 0.8.1. Changelog: Improvement: Updated Spanish localization. Improvement: New Swedish localization. Improvement: Japanese localization 100% on translate.wordpress.org Improvement: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. Improvement: Internationalization improvements in settings and calendar. Improvement: Corrections made to Brazilian Portuguese translation. Improvement: Updates Travis CI to support containerization, PHP 7 and HHVM.… Continue reading Edit Flow 0.8.2

Edit Flow 0.8.1

Edit Flow was updated to version 0.8.1, from version 0.8. Changelog: New German localization New Spanish localization Performance improvements for the calendar, custom statuses, and editorial metadata Bug fix: Show “(no title)” on the calendar when a post doesn’t have a title. Bug fix: Persist the future date position of a post on the calendar… Continue reading Edit Flow 0.8.1