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  • Co-Authors Plus 3.3.1

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.3.1, from version 3.3.0. Changelog: 5.0 Compat: Hide core author inputs when using the Block Editor to limit confusion (h/t jonathanstegall).

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.3.0

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.3.0, from version 3.2.2. Changelog: Fix private post viewing on front-end Reduce amount of sleep Author search UX issues Remove associated guest user when mapped user id deleted. Removed double left join on posts_join_filter Fixed WP CLI create-terms-for-posts if no co-authors found Pages archive now displays coauthors and quick […]

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.2.2

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.2.2, from version 3.2.1. Changelog: Fix broken author ordering in 4.7+ Fix no moderation e-mail bug Cached functions in CLI commands Fix missing echos (props trepmal) Add coauthors_guest_author_query_args filter

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.2.1

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.2.1, from version 3.2. Changelog: Hotfix for broken Guest Author bio metabox (props JS Morisset)

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.2

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.2, from version 3.1.1. Changelogs: 3.2 Various minor bug and security fixes 3.1.2 Minor bug fixes and coding standards changes. The author’s display name is now filtered through the_author in coauthors_posts_links_single()

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.1.1

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.1.1, from version 3.1. Changelog: Co-authors selection UI should appear when creating a new post too.

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.1

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.1, from version 3.0.7. Changelog: Manage co-authors from Quick Edit. Updated Spanish translation. Now matches core behavior when displaying author archive on multisite: user of the blog, or previously published author on the blog. Breaking change: “Create Profile” link is no longer shown by default on the Manage Users […]

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.0.7

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.0.7, from version 3.0.6. Changelog: Better support for installing Co-Authors Plus as a symlinked directory. Follow these instructions to filter plugins_url. Links to authors’ posts pages to comply to hCard microformat, which Google depends on. New coauthors_emails() template tag to list email addresses of the co-authors. Bug fix: Remove […]

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.0.6

    Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.0.6, from version 3.0.5. Changelog: New Swedish translation Updated German translation New filter for specifying the default author assigned to a post Bug fix: When filtering a user’s published post count, use the value of their guest author profile if one is mapped Added support for checkboxes in Guest […]

  • Co-Authors Plus 3.0.5

    Co-Authors Plus 3.0.5 was installed today.