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  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.9

    Blubrry PowerPress was update to version 4.0.9, from version 4.0.8. Changelog: Fixed logic for displaying statistics in dashboard to time out after 1 second (was previously 15 seconds) so if there’s a network issue between the server and blubrry.com the dashboard still loads promptly. (Thanks Michael Hansen for bringing to our attention!) Added new filter […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.8

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.8, from version 4.0.7. Changelog: Released on 4/19/2013 Completely rewrote logic added in 4.0.7 to fix the conflict with Yoast Google Analytics plugin. This sholud solve the issues folks have been having when using this plugin with PowerPress. Flow Player Classic audio player height changed from 24 to 22 […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.7

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.7, from version 4.0.6. Changelog: Released on 2/14/2013 The 1 Pixel Out player is back! Learn More Added new define option POWERPRESS_READ_TEXT to customize the ‘Read’ label for pdf/epub books. Player logic updated to display specific PDF/ePub images with links to the files. PDF image from Hybrid Design. ePub […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.6

    Blubrry PowerPress was update to version 4.0.6, from version 4.0.5. Changelog: Due to concerns of possible security exploits, the 1 Pixel Out Audio Player has been removed from PowerPress. Notices added in both the WP dashboard and in the Audio player settings page that the 1 Pixel Out player has been removed. If you’ve configured […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.5

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.5, from version 4.0.4. Changelog: Released on 11/28/2012 Tested with WordPress 3.5 Release Candidate 1 Updated button styling to fix styling issue for future release of WordPress 3.5 Updated the “Plugins Update Cache” logic for WordPress versions 3.4+ Updated link to add podcast to iTunes. Updated Danish translation. Thanks […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.4

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.4, from version 4.0.2. Changelog: 4.0.4 Released on 8/8/2012 Fix bug with language not getting set if your using the Feed Episode Maximizer option with WordPress 3.4 or newer. 4.0.3 Released on 8/8/2012 Fixed bug with IE not displaying embeds correctly (Thanks johnb172 for bringing to our attention) Fixed […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.2

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.2, from version 4.0.1. Changelog: Released on 6/29/2012 Fixed bug with feed language getting populated with podcast feed title. Changed feed logic from using get_option(‘rss_language’) to bloginfo_rss(‘language’). Feed language logic for older versions of WordPress (versions < 3.4) remains for backwards compatibility. PowerPress the_content filter now checks for a […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.1

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.1, from version 4.0. Changelog: Released on 6/15/2012 Fixed bug with “Feed Episode Maximizer” option only working if the “Feature Episode in iTunes” option was also turned on. Added Hebrew to list of feed languages. Changed logic that prevented uploading iTunes images smaller than 1400×1400. You can now upload […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 4.0

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0, from version 3.0.1. Changelog: Released on 5/11/2012 New iTunes image requirements updated throughout plugin. RGB 1400×1400 jpg is recommended. Feed Episode Maximizer feature added, only applies to podcast channel feeds. Added VideoJS video player option, requires “VideoJS – HTML5 Video Player for WordPress” plugin to be installed and […]

  • Blubrry PowerPress 3.0.1

    Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 3.0.1, from version 3.0. Changelog: Released on 3/9/2012 Fixed bug with lines 318 and 312 of powerpress.php when Feed Discovery option is enabled but custom podcast channels are not activated. Tweaked latest version of getid3 library so it is not as strict when detecting mp3 media with oversized or […]