AMP 1.0.2

AMP was updated to version 1.0.2, from version 1.0.1. Changelog: Gracefully handle conflicting version of PHP-CSS-Parser being loaded. This issue was specifically noticed when the Mailpoet plugin is active. Fix erroneous enqueueing of AMP validation screen JS/CSS assets on non-AMP admin screens. Fix content smooth scrolling in Twenty Seventeen theme. Update welcome prompt to point… Continue reading AMP 1.0.2

AMP 1.0.1

AMP was updated to version 1.0.1, from version 1.0.0. Changelog: Add check for required iconv extension. Plugin Conflict: Also using Give plugin currently creates 500 server error when viewing /wp-admin/. Fix Plugin Conflict with Give plugin (previously created 500 server error when viewing site admin). Second argument of the_title filter is an Int not WP_Post.… Continue reading AMP 1.0.1

AMP 1.0.0

AMP was updated to version 1.0.0, from version 0.7.2. Changelog: Add runtime CSS minification, !important replacement, and tree shaking. Keep track of new validation errors and add ability to accept/reject in order to allow or block AMP for a given URL. Redesign screens for Invalid URLs and Error Index. Extend admin screen options to add… Continue reading AMP 1.0.0

AMP 0.7.2

AMP was updated to version 0.7.2, from version 0.7.1. Changelog: Prevent plugins from outputting custom scripts in classic templates via wp_print_scripts action. Display image data for ‘attachment’ post type. Output alt attribute in legacy templating gravatar image.

AMP 0.7.1

AMP was updated to version 0.7.1, from version 0.7.0. Changelog: Limit showing AMP validation warnings to when amp theme support is present. Supply the extracted dimensions to images determined to need them; fixes regression from 0.6 this is key for Gutenberg compat. Ensure before/after is amended to filtered comment_reply_link. Force VideoPress to use html5 player… Continue reading AMP 0.7.1

AMP 0.7.0

AMP was updated to version 0.7.0, from version 0.6.2. Changelog: Render an entire site as “Native AMP” if the theme calls add_theme_support( ‘amp’ ). AMP spec to automatically discover the required AMP component scripts to include on the page while post-processing. Automatically concatenate stylesheets from style tags with loaded stylesheets from link tags combined in… Continue reading AMP 0.7.0

AMP 0.6.2

AMP was updated to version 0.6.2, from version 0.6.1. Changelog: Reduce frequency of flushing rewrite rules and harden, use escaped translation functions, and make minor changes to improve logic/style. Fix AMP preview icon in Firefox.

AMP 0.6.1

AMP was updated to version 0.6.1, from version 0.6.0. Changelog: Bump version to re-release to ensure temporarily-broken 0.6.0 ZIP build is permanently fixed, without requiring a site to re-install the plugin.

AMP 0.6.0

AMP was updated to version 0.6.0, from version 0.5.1. Changelog: Add support for the “page” post type. A new page.php is introduced with template parts factored out (html-start.php, header.php, footer.php, html-end.php) and re-used from single.php. Note that AMP URLs will end in ?amp instead of /amp/. Add AMP post preview button alongside non-AMP preview button.… Continue reading AMP 0.6.0

AMP 0.5.1

AMP was updated to version 0.5.1, from version 0.5. Changelog: Fix: issues with invalid tags not being stripped out (e.g. script tags) Fix: issues with dimension extraction for protocol-less and relative URLs