WPtouch 1.9.34

WPtouch was updated to version 1.9.34, from 1.9.33. Changelog:

  • Changed: Default settings

Broken Link Checker 1.3.1

Broken Link Checker was updated to version 1.3.1, from 1.3. Changelog:

  • Added support for the new YouTube embed code style. It needs to be explicitly enabled in options.
  • Added credits link for the Persian language translator.
  • Updated Portuguese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Partial fix for Mediafire checker failing with a fatal error in some situations.

Blubrry PowerPress 2.0.4

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 2.0.4, from 2.0.3. Changelog:


  • Released on 8/23/2011
  • NOTE: There is no need to update to this version unless you can benefit from the bug fixes, changes or new Italian translation listed below.
  • Added partially completed Italian translation. (Thanks Umberto!)
  • Incremented supported WordPress version number.
  • Changed action hook for powerpress_admin_init hook to use ‘admin_init’ rather than ‘init’, an extra precaution in case other plugins invoke admin mode in WordPress.
  • Disabled the future_to_publish hook, the logic was there for pinging iTunes, which Apple took offline earlier this year.
  • Fixed bug with “Display player and Link Options” setting not working in WordPress 3.2. (Thanks Cliff from GSPN.tv for reporting the problem)
  • Fixed bug with Podcast Channels background color setting not appearing in edit post screen in WordPress 3.2.
  • Changes made to support latest versions of jQuery.


  • The future major release of PowerPress (3.x) will no longer be compatible with WordPress 2.8.x and 2.9.x. Please upgrade to WordPress 3.0 or newer to install future versions of PowerPress.
  • Translation support is now complete. Please visit the following link if you would like to have a version in your language: http://www.blubrry.com/powerpress_translate/

bbPress 2.0 RC4

bbPress was updated to version 2.0 RC4, from 2.0 RC2. Changelog:


  • BuddyPress @mention integration
  • Improved Akismet user agent handling
  • Added blacklist_keys support
  • Fixed spam/deleted user handling
  • Updated green admin color scheme for WordPress 3.2
  • Added actions to topic/reply forms
  • Improved support for future ajaxification


  • Fixed activation/deactivation
  • Added Forum Participant role for multisite use

WordPress SEO 1.0.1

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.0.1 from version 0.4.2. Changelog:


  • Fixed a bug where canonical would be set to /page/1/ on archives.
  • Fixed an error for blocking files.
  • Fixed a JS error that would cause the link editor in the rich editor not to work.
  • Fixed possible error when reading settings have gone haywire (ie not ‘posts’ or ‘page’ on front but something else).


  • I now dare call this plugin STABLE. This doesn’t mean there are no more bugs, it does mean that I think it won’t break sites anymore.
  • Fixed the import/export settings functionality.
  • Updated the snippet preview to Google’s new snippet design.

bbPress 2.0 RC3

bbPress was updated to version 2.0 RC3. There was no changelog published.

bbPress 2.0 RC2

bbPress was updated to version 2.0 RC2. Changelog:

  • BuddyPress integration
  • Multisite integration
  • Fixed a bushel of bugs
  • Fixed tag pagination again
  • Fixed ajax priority loading

NextGEN Gallery 1.8.3

NextGEN Gallery was updated to version 1.8.3. Changelog:

  • Changed : Support for simple custom permalink structures (i.e. /%category%/%postname%/)
  • Bugfix : Sub-Albums in Albums didn’t create the correct link
  • Bugfix : AJAX Pagination didn’t work anymore
  • Bugfix : Adding index.php to home_url()
  • Bugfix : Preview picture lost on backend gallery page 2 or higher

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings 2.0.9

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings was updated to version 2.0.9. Changelog:

  • Added support for slider popup polls and variable sized surveys
  • Added activity logging
  • Added Latvian translation
  • Added setting to configure filter used on blog title with ratings
  • Fixed bug in preview polls

WPtouch 1.9.33

WPtouch was updated to version 1.9.33. Changelog:

  • Updated: Added nonces and extra security check for icon deletion

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