WordPress 3.4 Beta 1

WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 was released today. It was not installed. We’ll wait for a Release Candidate.

WordPress Importer 0.6

WordPress Importer was updated to version 0.6, from version 0.5.2. Changelog:

  • Support for WXR 1.2 and multiple CDATA sections
  • Post aren’t duplicates if their post_type’s are different

BuddyPress 1.5.5

BuddyPress was updated to version 1.5.5, from version 1.5.4. Changelog:

  • Fix fatal error in friends component when settings component is disabled (3996)
  • Fix spamming a user from wp-admin does not remove user from groups (3787)
  • Fix bug that caused user display names to be overwritten in certain environments
  • Fix BP interfering with Jetpack registration (3751)
  • Improvements to saving general settings screen code. (4010)
  • Add filter for status message output. (5833)
  • Fix handling of quote marks in status message output. (4016)
  • Improvements to error handling in the member registration process (3949)
  • Fix avatar sizing for Toolbar ‘Howdy’ menu when in wp-admin and using the BuddyBar (5864)
  • Disable ajax for bottom pagination links on groups members screen. (5894)
  • Fix uploading avatar when BP is used on a non-root site. (2574)
  • Fix a php notice (4070)
  • Fix login/nicename being swapped when fetching extra forum post details. (4083)
  • Only run BP-Default AJAX functions if a POST request.

Broken Link Checker 1.5

Broken Link Checker was updated to version1.5, from version 1.4. Changelog:

  • Added a FileServe checker.
  • Added Turkish translation.
  • Added GoogleVideo and Megavideo embed support.
  • Fixed Megaupload links being reported with an “Unknown error” message when it should be “Not found”.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the Rapidshare and MediaFire checkers.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Portuguese translation.
  • The explanatory text for the broken link CSS and removed link CSS inputs can now be translated.
  • Tested on WP 3.4-alpha-20291.

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings 2.0.13

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings was updated to version 2.0.13, from version 2.0.12. Changelog:

  • Updated translation files and fixed gettext domain in plugin strings
  • Fixed wp_title filter parameter
  • Fixed ratings to show on category and archive pages.
  • Added better sanitization to stop xss vulnerabilities

MailChimp 1.2.8

MailChimp was updated to version 1.2.8, from version 1.2.7. Changelog:

  • Fixed bug where entire phone numbers were only being deposited in the area code portion

Blubrry PowerPress 3.0.1

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 3.0.1, from version 3.0. Changelog:

  • Released on 3/9/2012
  • Fixed bug with lines 318 and 312 of powerpress.php when Feed Discovery option is enabled but custom podcast channels are not activated.
  • Tweaked latest version of getid3 library so it is not as strict when detecting mp3 media with oversized or incorrect ID3 headers.
  • Increased verification (Verify button) cache from 400k to 600k for detecting ID3 information. This accommodates poster artwork in ID3 tags that exceeds 512K in size.
  • Metamark duration and seconds can now be entered with colons to separate hour, minute and second. e.g. 1:23:45
  • Metamark watermark labels for empty fields fixed when fields already existed.
  • Updated Danish translation. Thanks GeorgWP and Team Blogos for translating!

IntenseDebate 2.9.4

IntenseDebate was updated to version 2.9.4, from version 2.9.3. Changelog:

  • Remove some old compatibility code
  • Performance optimizations
  • Better support for loading via HTTPS

WordPress Backup to Dropbox 0.9.4

WordPress Backup to Dropbox was update to version 0.9.4, from version 0.9.2. Changelog:


  • Fixed an issue where the SQL backup was not being uploaded to Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue where the default backup dir was not being displayed if WP_CONTE_DIR is not set
  • Fixed an issue where backups where not stopping correctly


  • Moved settings and monitor to their own paret menu
  • Database bacups are now removed after they are uploaded to Dropbox
  • Fixed free space issue
  • Made it so non standard WP_CONTENT_DIR is backed up
  • Lots of other bug fixes and performance updates
  • Fixed a bug in the file exclusion list that was preventing folders from being marked as partial

NextGEN Gallery 1.9.3

NextGEN Gallery was updated to version 1.9.3, from version 1.9.2. Changelog:

  • Bugfix : Ensure to set the slug for “all” albums
  • Bugfix : Updated german translation
  • Bugfix : Ensure error checking on IPTC array
  • Bugfix : Handle IE8 cached images better in slideshow
  • Bugfix : Show album preview image if selected