Liveblog 1.1

Liveblog 1.1 was just installed.

MailChimp 1.2.12

MailChimp was updated to version 1.2.12, from version 1.2.10. Changelog:

  • Update spanish language files (es_ES and es_MX)

Jetpack by 1.8.3

Jetpack by was updated to version 1.8.3, from version 1.8.2. Changelog:

  • Bug Fix: Subscriptions: Fix a bug where subscriptions were not being sent from the blog.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter: Fix a bug where the Twitter username was being saved as blank.
  • Bug Fix: Fix a bug where Contoct Form notification emails were not being sent.

WordPress Beta Tester 0.96

WordPress Beta Tester was updated to version 0.96, from version 0.95. Changelog:

  • WordPress 3.4.x compatibility fixes

Twitter Widget Pro 2.4.0

Twitter Widget Pro was updated to version 2.4.0, from version 2.3.11. Changelog:

  • Better linking of URLs, especially handling of punctuation at end of URLs
  • Support for extended characters in hashtags
  • Allow externally linked images to serve via ssl
  • More efficient regex for link parsing
  • Link FTP links
  • Link E-Mail addresses
  • Complete conversion to Range plugin framework from Xavisys framework
  • Added place to check API usage

Google Analytics for WordPress 4.2.8

Google Analytics for WordPress was updated to version 4.2.8, from version 4.2.7. Changelog:

  • Fix a small bug in tracking that could potentially slow down admin.

WPMU Theme Info

WPMU Theme Info was installed today.

New Blog Defaults 2.2

New Blog Defaults 2.2 was installed today.

Facebook Like Box 2.2

Facebook Like Box 2.2 was installed today.

Twitter Widget Pro 2.3.11

Twitter Widget Pro 2.3.11 was installed today.