Divi 3.0.69

The Divi theme was updated to version 3.0.69, from version 3.0.67.


BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version No Changelog was available.


WooCommerce 3.1.2

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.1.2, from version 3.1.1. Changelog:

  • Fix – Importer: Prevent multiple placeholders being created when mixing IDs and SKUs.
  • Fix – Importer: correctly set stock management props.
  • Fix – Importer: Allow “unfiltered_html” for name, description and short description fields.
  • Fix – Fix filename image handling.
  • Fix – Rest API: Allow OPTIONS requests.
  • Fix – Fixed missing reviews in product_page shortcode when querying by SKU.
  • Fix – Don’t subtract negative taxes in net sales report.
  • Fix – Sort by order + zone ID as a fallback in shipping zones so the zones always match in the same order.
  • Fix – Corrected subject and heading in customer refunded email.
  • Fix – Corrected handling of custom checkbox fields in checkout get_posted_data method.
  • Fix – Fix admin help videos async property.
  • Fix – Fixed price filters by introducing precision.
  • Fix – Improved customer IP address detection.
  • Fix – Fix dark theme readability.
  • Fix – CLI tools command.
  • Fix – Adjusted shop manager role to prevent unfiltered HTML being used.
  • Fix – Various notices/warnings.
  • Dev – Correctly invalidate cache after saving order items.
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_data_store_wp_{$this->meta_type}_read_meta filter.

Multisite Enhancements 1.4.1

Multisite Enhancements was updated to version 1.4.1, from version 1.4.0. Changelog:

  • Added a change for initialization of the class to run also on php 5.3 installs.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights 6.2.2

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights was updated to version 6.2.2, from version 6.2.1. Changelog:

  • Tweak: Adjusted order of setup/config notices
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the sanitization of number fields. Solves an issue with the Google Optimize extension.

AMP 0.5

AMP was updated to version 0.5, from version 0.4.2. Changelog:

  • Whitelist Sanitizer: Replace Blacklist Sanitizer with a whitelist-based approach using the AMP spec
  • Image Dimensions: Replace fastimage with fasterimage for PHP 5.4+. Enables faster downloads and wider support
  • Embed Handlers: Added support for Vimeo, SoundCloud, Pinterest and PlayBuzz
  • Analytics: UI for easier addition of analytics tags
  • Fix: parse query strings properly
  • Fix: Old slug redirect for AMP URLs
  • Fix: Handle issues with data uri images in CSS
  • Fix: Add amp-video js for amp-video tags
  • Fix: Output CSS for feature image
  • Fix: Fix attribute when adding AMP Mustache lib
  • Fix: Various documentation updates
  • Fix: PHP Warnings from register_customizer_ui
  • Fix: Coding Standards

iThemes Sync 2.0.2

iThemes Sync was updated to version 2.0.2, from version 2.0.1. No Changelog was available.

Gutenberg 0.7.1

Gutenberg was updated to version 0.7.1, from version 0.6.0.

Yoast SEO 5.2

Yoast SEO was updated to version 5.2, from version 5.1. Changelog:

  • Added wpseo_pre_adjacent_rel_links filter to bypass built-in rel prev/next functionality.
  • Introduces classes to allow collecting data in the Premium plugin.
    Renamed OnPage.org to Ryte.
  • Allow WordPress WHIP messages to be dismissed for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Adds a filter for word combinations that consist of a single one-character word.
  • Adds aria-current to the onboarding wizard active step.
  • Removes JQMIGRATE JavaScript warnings.

Hummingbird 1.6.0

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.6.0, from version 1.5.5. Changelog:

  • New: Gravatar caching
  • New: Caching module layout
  • New: Ability to defer scripts in minification
  • Enhance: Better detect GZIP and browser cache
  • Enhance: Do not minify files that are already minified by a theme or a plugin
  • Enhance: Better support for older PHP versions (5.2 and 5.3)
  • Enhance: Improve admin notice styles, make notices dismissable
  • Enhance: Improve dashboard layout
  • Enhance: Better connectivity with the Hub
  • Enhance: Better support for support for screen readers
  • Fix: Overlapping issues in dashboard
  • Fix: PHP notices on dashboard page and during activation/deactivation
  • Fix: Minification not working on some subsites in a network
  • Fix: Minification stuck at 10% on some installs