BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Bug Fix: Fix bug that doesn’t select correct default scheduling period for Stash Live Settings

Gutenberg 2.6

Gutenberg was updated to version 2.6, from version 2.5.

Yoast SEO 7.2

Yoast SEO was updated to version 7.2, from version 7.1. Changelog:

  • Updates all Help Center videos with new recordings.
  • Adds functionality to import noindex, no follow and OpenGraph tags from All in One SEO Pack.
  • Improves consistency of capitalization in settings and tabs.
  • Improves the traffic light icon accessibility.
  • Changes the words ‘post type’ into ‘content type’ throughout the plugin.
  • Fixes a bug where the Facebook app-id could no longer be set in the Social settings.
  • Fixes a bug where existing Yoast SEO data could be overwritten when importing data from All in One SEO Pack.
  • Fixes a bug where the Ryte notification is not removed when disabling the Ryte feature.
  • Fixes a bug where setting a page to noindex through the wpseo_robots filter did not properly remove the canonical element.
  • Fixes a bug where attachments connected to password-protected parents are included in the sitemaps. Props Scott Carter.
  • Fixes alignment of the Go Premium notice.

WooCommerce Square 1.0.28

WooCommerce Square was updated to version 1.0.28, from version 1.0.27. Changelog:

  • Fix – Double inventory sync for newly created products.
  • Fix – Infinite loop with pagination, where Square keeps sending the same link.
  • Fix – Remove usage of deprecated jQuery method.
  • Fix – Sync job should not be sending anything if there are no stock changes.
  • Fix – Trigger to decrease stock upon purchase not working
  • Tweak – Add logging and skip sync in case store’s currency/country is not allowed.
  • Tweak – Improve debug logging when fetching inventory
  • Tweak – Inventory reduction in Square will be treated as stock sale.

BuddyPress 2.9.4

BuddyPress was updated to version 2.9.4, from version 2.9.3. Changelog:

  • Emails: fix deliverability problems for account activation and email address change emails for users.
  • Groups: fix Group Members list AJAX pagination.
  • Media: fix profile photo and cover image uploads for sites hosted on Windows servers.

iThemes Security Pro 4.9.2

iThemes Security Pro  was updated to version 4.9.2, from version 4.9.1. Changelog:

  • Bug Fix: Warning when uninstalling a plugin while File Change module is active.
  • Minor: Shrink storage size of file scans.
  • Minor: Make recovering file scan log smaller.

Jetpack by 6.0

Jetpack by was updated to version 6.0, from version 5.9. Changelog:

  • Admin Page: Introduced a new Privacy admin page linked at the bottom of the Jetpack dashboard.
  • Admin Page: Introduced a Privacy toggle that allows the user to disable event tracking.
  • Widgets: Added new Social Icons widget and deprecated old Social Media Icons widget.
  • Activity Log: Started syncing comment untrashed and comment unspammed events.
  • Admin Page: Added inline module settings for plan welcome page.
  • Admin Page: Removed Javascript patterns previously used in the Admin Page that should improve performance lightly (bind pattern).
  • Admin Page: Made Jetpack Monitor setting management easier by adding a simple toggle.
  • Admin Page: Moved the button for closing the Jumpstart modal closer to the dialog so it’s more visible.
  • Admin Page: Updated the “install and activate” link in the Backups card to be a functional link matching the “Set up” button.
  • Admin Page: Updated notices style to be more accessible.
  • Admin Page: We now show a link to see all plans on small screens.
  • Admin Page: Settings in Jetpack dashboard now feature contextual help and a link to learn more about it.
  • Ads: Added site id to head meta.
  • Comments: Improved accessibility of comments form by adding title attributes.
  • Connect: Removed account creation links from below the Set Up Jetpack buttons.
  • General: Show correct available status in Jetpack modules list if module is not supported by current plan.
  • General: Removed holiday snow module.
  • General: Return error in wp-cli if activating a module that is not supported by the current plan.
  • Google Translate Widget: Made sure the widget is responsive by default.
  • JITM: We now allow specifying that a jitm can be opened in a new window, or the same window.
  • JITM: We now don’t use all caps for buttons text.
  • Likes: Removed Likes from Jumpstart.
  • Likes/Sharing: Moved metabox in post editor to the right side for a better fit.
  • Masterbar: Made the Sign Out link in the Master always log you out from
  • Publicize: Made styling of Publicize more consistent with wp-admin.
  • Protect: Started blocking XML RPC requests when they get marked as blocked by Protect.
  • Search: Made the Search widget available whether or not Extra Sidebar Widgets is enabled.
  • SEO Tools: Removed SEO Tools from Jumpstart
  • Shortcodes: We now load Twitters widget.js over https.
  • Subscriptions: We’ve made it a better experience if you try to subscribe to a site you are already subscribed to.
  • Sync: Stopped syncing personal data coming from WooCommerce orders.
  • VideoPress: Default to grid view when linking to upload videos
  • Warm Welcome: Added Search to the features listed on the Warm Welcome dialog for Professional Plan.
  • Widgets: Added rel=noopener attribute to links in the Display WordPress Posts widget if set to open in a new window.
  • bbPress: Markdown support added for bbPress CPTs.
  • PHP 7.1: Fixed an error coming from one of our json-api endpoints.
  • Admin Page: Fixed Dashboard connection card from showing text that overflows the card.
  • Admin Page: Fixed directory separator character used when displaying the site URL on the disconnect dialog.
  • Admin Page: Fixed an issue by which clicking the back button on a page visited after the Admin Page would result in the Admin Page being rendered with cached data.
  • Admin Page: Don’t show a Set Up button when searching for modules that are inactive in Jetpack Settings page. The Set Up button is meant for paid features coming from plugins.
  • Admin Page: Make it clear when tracking begins in the connetion dialog.
  • Admin Page: Hide the date range tabs when the initial dialog is shown.
  • Admin Page: Fixed the positioning of popovers in the Jetpack Settings page.
  • Admin Page: Fixed a bug with the Ads settings toggle.
  • Admin Page: Fixed a display issue for the custom user capability “jetpack_connect”.
  • Admin Page: Made sure translations are properly applied to several phrases.
  • Connection Banner: Updated style to better fit wide screens.
  • Connection Banner: Added illustration SVGs.
  • Contact Form: Fixed width style of input for Website address.
  • Google Analytics: fix PHP notice on search pages.
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed issues where the first was being duplicated on scroll.
  • Likes: Made manually enabled likes remain being likeable if Likes are enabled for all posts
  • Masterbar: Fixed a javascript error that would pop up with the Grammarly extension enabled on Chrome macOS.
  • Search: Added default values for the Search widget so it can be added from the Customizer.
  • Settings: Fixed overflow/overlap when there are many ignored phrases in spelling options.
  • Settings: Updated SEO/analytics links to avoid unnecessary redirects.
  • Stats: Fixed column spacing styling issues in WP Dashboard box for Jetpack stats.
  • VaultPress: Remove menu item that links nowhere when Rewind is enabled.
  • Widgets: Fixed issue with custom URL choice and selective refresh in the EU Cookie Law widget.
  • WooCommerce Analytics: Fixed PHP warning coming from str_replace usage.
  • WooCommerce Analytics: Started tracking all possible ways to add a product to a cart.

Twenty Seventeen 1.5

Twenty Seventeen was updated to version 1.5, from version 1.4.

WooCommerce Services 1.12.3

WooCommerce Services was updated to version 1.12.3, from version 1.12.2. Changelog:

  • Fixed PHP Fatal when PayPal Express Checkout has not fully initialized

Sucuri Security 1.8.14

Sucuri Security was updated to version 1.8.14, from  version 1.8.13. Changelog:

  • Add filter to allow automatic configuration of the settings