BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Fixed Deployment issues including cleanup procedure and file queue.
  • Fixed Bad Comment Count in backup metadata (removed spam / trash from count)
  • Enhancement: Moved zip metadata to beginning of zip process to make it play better with certain shared hosting environments.

WooCommerce 3.3.1

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.3.1, from version 3.3.0. Changelog:

  • Fix – Added woocommerce_output_product_categories to replace woocommerce_product_subcategories function to prevent outdated theme template files from outputting categories on the shop and category pages in err.
  • Fix – Prevented columns from being set to anything lower than 1.
  • Fix – Added extra error checking in Webhooks API to prevent notices when deleting Webhooks.
  • Fix – Prevented list table classes being loaded multiple times. This also fixes compatibility with Smart Coupons extension.
  • Fix – Removed stray debug string from order email template and fixed some typos.
  • Fix – Set up the loop when calling wc_get_loop_prop. Fixes compatibility with some themes.
  • Fix – Remove multiple application of filter ‘woocommerce_order_item_product’.
  • Fix – Protect against theme support being defined too late. Fixes some issues with custom themes defining WooCommerce support incorrectly.
  • Fix – Add fallback for themes that just get the pagination template.
  • Fix – Made the on-the-fly image regen also regenerate missing sizes.
  • Fix – Fixed missing user_id in webhook migration script.
  • Fix – Allow uncategorized category to be sorted like the others.
  • Fix – If theme support changes, we may need to flush permalinks since some are changed based on this flag.
  • Fix – Fire hooks for pagination etc only when pagination is enabled.
  • Fix – Default HTML in end wrapper template.
  • Fix – Prevent regular pagination showing on archives for unsupported themes.
  • Fix – Fix shop when shown as homepage in unsupported themes.
  • Fix – Fix SKU mapping for placeholders during CSV import.
  • Fix – Use CRUD search helper in admin products table so partial SKU search works.
  • Fix – Fix bulk sale/regular price percentage handling.
  • Fix – More specificity on smallscreen style override for columns.
  • Tweak – Add notice for moved store notice setting.
  • Tweak – Allow removing coupons on editable orders only.
  • Tweak – Extended the background processing library to avoid changing methods in the library.
  • Tweak – Do not show row settings if something is managing the number of products per page.
  • Tweak – Allow devs to add ‘no-link’ class to elements to prevent order view link being triggered on row click.
  • Tweak – Made woocommerce_resize_images filter more useful by calling it later.
  • Tweak – Revert default columns back to 4 so it’s consistent with 3.2.

Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On 2.4

Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On was updated to version 2.4, from version 2.3. Changelog:

  • Added GPL to plugin header.
  • Added the gform_stripe_subscription_params_pre_update_customer filter allowing the subscription parameters to be overridden before the customer is subscribed to the plan.
  • Added support for webhook signing secrets.
  • Updated Plugin URI and Author URI to use https.
  • Updated webhook processing to use the API mode specified in the received event.
  • Updated Stripe API library to version 5.1.3.
  • Fixed API mode used to retrieve webhook event when signing secret is configured.
  • Fixed the card type validation message containing false in some situations.

Jetpack by 5.8

Jetpack by was updated to version 5.8, from version 5.7.1. Changelog:

  • Lazy Images: after a Beta period, you can now enable this new feature from Jetpack > Settings in your dashboard.
  • Elasticsearch-powered search: also out of Beta! We’ve improved the way data is indexed behind the scenes, and made changes to the Search widget and its filters. (Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.)
  • Comment moderation tools: moderation emails now point to when using the edit_links_calypso_redirect option.
  • Custom CSS: add CSS Grid Layout support.
  • Dashboard: update list of features available in Paid plans.
  • Dashboard: improve the display of notices inside the Jetpack dashboard.
  • Dashboard: update content displayed in the Jetpack dashboard when not connected to
  • Development mode: improve the display of the development notice.
  • General: add a new filter, jetpack_active_modules, allowing site owners to filter the list of active modules.
  • Notices: add rel tags to notice links to avoid issues when links open in a new window.
  • Onboarding: add functionality for saving Business Address in the Contact Info widget.
  • Onboarding: save site type during site setup process.
  • Onboarding: enable loading of specific modules when using the Onboarding process.
  • Post Images: allow passing size when searching for images in HTML.
  • REST API: update the plugin installation process to use a new library.
  • REST API: allow changing the number of posts displayed in the RSS feed, and whether feeds display full text or a summary.
  • REST API: simplify our invites endpoint.
  • Sharing: make sure the Whatsapp button works on mobile and on desktop.
  • Sharing: add new filter, wp_sharing_email_send_post_subject, to allow modifying the email sharing subject line.
  • Shortcodes: update the GettyImages shortcode to use the new format required by GettyImages.
  • Site Settings: add support for site language and timezone settings.
  • Sync: improve synchronization of user actions, theme and plugin edits / updates, post status, updates on Multisite networks, Protect events, and WooCommerce’s meta data.
  • WordAds: enable the Ads in the header by default.
  • WordAds: add filters so site owners can control the display of the ads via code as well.
  • Lazy Images: fix issues with the Gazette theme.
  • Open Graph: add Open Graph Metabox to the list of conflicting plugins.
  • Masterbar: fix incompatibility with BeaverBuilder plugin.
  • PHP 7.2: fix issues when running Jetpack with PHP 7.2.
  • Carousel: fix PHP Notice with images using custom meta.
  • Dashboard: make sure all links to point to the right site’s settings on
  • Dashboard: update links to the plugin interface on to load the full plugin management page.
  • General: fix images shown in the dashboard when Jetpack is installed in a directory different than jetpack.
  • Lazy Images: make sure Lazy Load can be triggered even when images are added to the content very late.
  • Stats: make sure the Stats script is XHTML compliant.
  • Widgets: Mailchimp – avoid conflicts with jQuery UI.


BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Deployment: Fixed issue where files were not being cleaned up after completion.
  • Fixed Backup Type Labels when view backups from Remote Destinations tabs.
  • Removed double slashes (//) in custom root path.

Divi 3.0.100

The Divi theme was updated to version 3.0.100, from version 3.0.99.

Divi Builder 2.0.62

Divi Builder was updated to version 2.0.62, from version 2.0.61. No Changelog was available.

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 4.0.5

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway was updated to version 4.0.5, from version 4.0.4. Changelog:

  • Fix – Illegal offset error on settings when non is defined or saved.
  • Fix – Wrong ID used for dispute webhook handler.
  • Fix – A WC 2.6 backwards compat issue while trying to get order id in subscriptions.
  • Fix – Processing SEPA can’t find email when not logged in.
  • Add – Allow restricted secret keys to be used.
  • Add – Statement Descriptor to SEPA Direct Debit.
  • Add – Idempotency failure retry with easing to prevent multirequest issue.
  • Add – POT file.
  • Tweak – Make billing name optional on pay for order page.

Liveblog 1.7.1

Liveblog was updated to version 1.7.1, from version 1.7.0. Changelog:

  • Fix bug with REST endpoints in Multisite
  • Fix for some failing unit tests due to core changes
  • Fix for bug where shortcodes would be removed completely
  • Fixed some pagination issues in relatively unique circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that failed to correctly handle avatars
  • Made sure we handle timezones in entries properly

Extra 2.0.99

The Extra theme was updated to version 2.0.99, from version 2.0.98.