WordPress Backup to Dropbox 1.5.3

WordPress Backup to Dropbox was updated to version 1.5.3, from version 1.5. Changelog:


  • Fixed critical issue where SQL dumps where being missed in some circumstances
  • Fixed plugin stylesheet showing up globally
  • Fixed some chunked upload resume issues
  • Fixed initialisation exceptions taking out WP admin
  • Fixed another obscure oauth autorisation issue affecting some users


  • Fixed WP object cache issue that was incorrectly telling the plugin that the new table stucture was up to do date thus causing authorisation issues and DB warnings for some people
  • Fixed reauthorisation issue when unlinking a Dropbox account
  • Increased perfomance of the plugin after running it through P3, now only the bear minimum is loaded in a non admin context
  • Fixed an issue where zipped backups where loosing their directory structure


  • Fixed DB errors displaying with for servers show errors on by default
  • Fixed excluded widget not working after update due to lengthy DB key
  • Fixed autorisation not working for some people after update

Gravity Forms 1.7.4

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.7.4, from version 1.7.2. Changelog:


  • Added support for object methods to the JavaScript hook framework.
  • Fixed bug in sending notifications when a form field is chosen.
  • Updated POT file translation file.

No Changelog for 1.7.3 was readily available.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox 1.5

WordPress Backup to Dropbox was updated to version 1.5, from version 1.4.5. Changelog:

  • Fix issue #127: in_array() warning on multisite setups
  • Fix a few E_NOTICES, sorry guys I did not realise these supressed
  • Add a sha1 secret to SQL dump files and Zip archives to make them imposible to guess and download
  • Fix copy on subscriptions page
  • Added style to some buttons
  • Moved all plugin storage into it’s own table structure to increse performance
  • Added the ablilty for chunked uploads to resume
  • Added a brand new logo!

Gravity Forms Polls Add-On 1.4.1

Gravity Forms Polls Add-On was updated to version 1.4.1, from version 1.4. Changelog:

  • Fixed issue with repeat voting when the poll shortcode cookie attribute is not used.

Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On 1.3.4

Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On was updated to version 1.3.4, from version 1.3.0. Changelog:

  • Updated AJAX URL to resolve conflict with sites running under SSL.
  • Updated transaction response variable so that it is public, making it available during notifications and confirmations.
  • Fixed issue with error “Column ‘form_id’ in where clause is ambiguous”.
  • Fixed issue where the “Send Authorize.Net email receipt” setting was not correctly saved to database.

BackupBuddy 3.4.0

BackupBuddy was updated to version 3.4.0, from version 3.3.0. Changelog:


  • Public release of ALL updates included in versions –
  • See version information above if updating from v3.2.
  • ImportBuddy: Backup meta data now displayed on Step 2 in addition to DAT file contents.
  • ImportBuddy: DAT location now retrieved from backup meta data (in comment) as preferred source of DAT location. Falls back to prior methods.
  • ImportBuddy: All ImportBuddy settings reset to defaults whenever authenticating on Step 1 to reset defaults if resuming a partial import.

  • Anti directory browsing added new 3rd parameter to deny from all.
  • Fixed Server Information page reporting warnings even when up to date.
  • Added ‘Twice Daily’ scheduling period.

  • File based options storage with file locking added to insure backup step data integrity and enforce protection against concurrent processes overlapping & creating backup problems, especially due to problems such as caching plugin interactions.
  • ImportBuddy typo in login exceeded message. – Elise
  • Backup data information now stored in file with locking rather than database data structure for better reliability and immunity from caching plugins.
  • Fixed Getting Started page Twitter feeds not caching, resulting in excess calls to ithemes.com & twitter feeds while on Getting Started page.
  • Added additional instructions for database only restores.
  • Fixed insufficient command line length forcing database into fallback mode.
  • “unrecognized option” response from mysqldump now forced fallback mode to insure against old or alternative versions of mysqldump from creating faulty database dumps.
  • Getting Started wizard makes getting BackupBuddy up and running faster and easier than ever with default presets.
  • Additional instructions for database only restores added.
  • mysqldump now detects unsupported parameter errors and reports them.
  • Misc minor bug fixes.
  • Backup now displays an error box with an error count and information on where to find additional information about error codes and the knowledge base.
  • More easily identify and find information about any potential errors encountered.
  • Zip Method Strategy added replacing forcing compatibility mode for greater flexibility and clarity. – Jeremy
  • Setting added for ignoring / not following symbolic links. Enabled by default. – Jeremy
  • set_greedy_script_limits() improvements. – Jeremy
  • Removed Delete button from Automated migration backup list. Backups may be deleted from the main backup page.
  • Quick setup wizard updates.
  • UI tweaks.
  • Current data structure version incremented to version 5 to force data upgrade of fileoptions data.
  • Fixed file display listing error when displaying directories with permission problems.
  • Added advanced debugging button on Backup Status ‘View Details’ popup to display decoded fileoptions contents array.
  • Fixed Quick Setup wizard URL.

  • Added user ID logging to Multisite user import step for collisions.
  • log_directory verified prior to activiation upgrade to insure log directory is set and saved before fileoptions upgrade commences.

  • Minor fix: Fixed edits since last backup not being updated & last serial since

  • Updated free Stash storage from 512MB to 1GB.
  • Read-only fileoptions mode ignores locks.


  • Release of all updates from – See above.

  • Downgraded some fileoptions errors to warnings as they are non-fatal.
  • Getting Started wizard UI tweaks.
  • Fixed invalid call to backupbuddy class instead of pb_backupbuddy.

  • Additional error logging for fileoptions system to improve troubleshooting.
  • ZipBuddy library updates addressing Zip Method Strategy problems under certain circumstances.

  • Additional fileoptions error downgrades to warnings.
  • Fixed fileoptions system causing errors during Classic backup mode.

  • Data structure version upgrade to 5 always saved even if no data is migrated into fileoptions system.

  • ImportBuddy: Fixed undefined index warnings when skipping zip extraction.
  • ImportBuddy: When enabling an advanced option on Step 1, proceeding to Step 2, then using the back button to go back and uncheck an option, these new settings were not being saved. Updating advanced options on Step 1 after previously setting them now sticks.

Gravity Forms 1.7.2

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.7.2, from version 1.6.12. Changelog:


  • Fixed issue related to CSS changes made to workaround conflict caused by CSS minification plugin shortcomings.


  • Added new Form Settings admin tool.
  • Added new Notifications admin tool within Form Settings.
  • Added new Confirmations admin tool within Form Settings.
  • Added New Form dialog for creating New Forms.
  • Added support for WP Editor merge tag icons and applied to the Notification message textarea.
  • Added gform_entry_post_save filter to allow entries to be filtered after being saved.
  • Added mt-prepopulate class to “Default Value” setting on form field Advanced tab so the Merge Tag drop down does not include form fields.
  • Added gform_admin_pre_render hook to notifications edit page.
  • Added language attributes to the preview page’s html tag.
  • Added div wrapper element with class name gf_submission_limit_message to submission limit message so it can be styled more easily.
  • Added improved right to left (RTL) language support for the admin, preview page and front end.
  • Added Gravity Forms specific classes to the dashboard widget to allow user styling.
  • Changed the form actions submenu hover class to make it more generic and applicable to all submenus.
  • Changed Zip to ZIP.
  • Changed send_notifications() function to accept single path attachments (previously only supported arrays).
  • Changed form settings submenu style to avoid issue where menu is hidden before it can be selected.
  • Changed update_lead() function so that it updates the cached lead.
  • Changed gfMergeTags class to trigger input’s change event after tag inserted.
  • Moved GFNotificationsTable to notifications.php.
  • Moved notification functions form form_settings.php to notifications.php.
  • Removed the gform_before_form_settings_update javascript hook; use the gform_pre_form_settings_save php hook instead.
  • Removed debug statement which caused a javascript error to be thrown in Internet Explorer when switching forms in the editor.
  • Renamed the hook gform_confirmation_before_save -> gform_pre_confirmation_save.
  • Renamed the javascript hook gform_before_form_editor_update -> gform_pre_form_editor_save.
  • Renamed the hook gform_notification_before_save -> gform_pre_notification_save.
  • Renamed the hook gform_before_email -> gform_pre_send_email.
  • Fixed issue with calculation fields on currencies that use a comma as the decimal separator.
  • Fixed issue preventing modifications done from the gform_entry_post_save filter to not be available on notifications.
  • Fixed issue where when accessing a new form and not adding any fields, unsaved changes notification is still triggered.
  • Fixed issue where “text” confirmations were having confirmation message replaced with default message when upgrading to 1.7.
  • Fixed issues with notification tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with preview page returning a 404 on sites where wordpress is running in a subfolder.
  • Fixed issue with custom jQuery UI stylesheet being enqueued when file did not exist.
  • Fixed issue with calculated products not saving their values correctly.
  • Fixed conflict with Custom Post Types plugin causing JS errors.
  • Fixed issue with jQuery tabs creating a Javascript error on the form editor page when using WP 3.6 beta.
  • Fixed issue with entry limit and form scheduling validation on preview page not displaying the appropriate message.
  • Fixed issue causing legacy notifications to be reloaded after all notifications are deleted.
  • Fixed GFFormsModel::gform_get_meta_values_for_entries() when $entry_ids is empty.
  • Fixed issue with form settings submenu hiding before mouse can move to it.
  • Fixed error when trying to resend entry notifications when no conflict mode is on.

Jetpack by WordPress.com 2.2.5

Jetpack by WordPress.com was updated to version 2.2.5, from version 2.2.2. Changelog:


  • Enhancement: Stats: Counting of registered users’ views can now be enabled for specific roles
  • Bug Fix: Security tightening for metadata support in the REST API
  • Bug Fix: Update the method for checking Twitter Timeline widget_id and update coding standards
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Allow the content width setting to be larger than the theme’s content width
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Fix possible missing argument warning.


  • Bug Fix: JSON API compat file include was not assigning a variable correctly, thus throwing errors. This has been resolved.


  • Enhancement: Comments – Add the reply-title H3 to the comment form so that themes or user CSS can style it
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS – Support for the CSS @viewport
  • Enhancement: JSON API – Support for i_like, is_following, and is_reblogged
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Custom Post Type Support
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Meta Data Support
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Bundled Support for bbPress
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Additions of following, reblog, and like status for post endpoints.
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes – Add Bandcamp shortcode
  • Enhancement: Tiled Galleries – Add code to get blog_id
  • Bug Fix: Carousel – Support relative image paths incase a plugin is filtering attachment URLs to be relative instead of absolute
  • Bug Fix: Carousel – Add likes widget to images / Respect comment settings for name/email
  • Bug Fix: Carousel – Make name and email optional if the setting in the admin area says they are
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Bug fixes, including a fix for WP-CLI
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Remove deprecated .live calls, delegate lazily to jQuery(document) since it’s all in an iframe modal
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – RTL styles
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Better handle MP6 icons
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – array_shift() took a variable by reference, so avoid passing it the result of a function
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Allow case-insensitive CSS properties (ref)
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Maintain main query’s post__not_in values when querying posts for IS
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Ensure that IS’s pre_get_posts method isn’t applied in the admin. Also fixes an incorrect use of add_filter() where add_action() was meant. Fixes #1696-plugins
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – CSS update – IS footer was too large in Firefox
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Add bundled support for Twenty Thirteen default theme
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Include posts table’s prefix when modifying the SQL WordPress generates to retrieve posts for Infinite Scroll
  • Bug Fix: JSON API – Use wp_set_comment_status to change the comment status, to make sure actions are run where needed
  • Bug Fix: Likes – Update style and logic for matching id’s
  • Bug Fix: Mobile Theme – Ensure that minileven_actual_current_theme() is child-theme compatible + other updates
  • Bug Fix: Mobile Theme – Update method for finding currently active theme.
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Remove the postmessage.js enqueue since this feature solely supports native postMessage
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Clean up script enqueues and use core versions of underscore and backbone on wpcom as fallbacks
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Enqueue v2 scripts and style
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Prefix module-specific scripts and style to prevent collision
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Include lang and dir attributes on #wpnt-notes-panel so the notifications iframe can use these to display correctly
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph: Use the profile OG type instead of author. Add tags for first/last names
  • Bug Fix: Publicize – Remove the Yahoo! service because they stopped supporting that API entirely
  • Bug Fix: Publicize – fix fatal errors caused by using a method on a non-object. Props @ipstenu
  • Bug Fix: Sharing – Adding 2x graphics for Pocket sharing service
  • Bug Fix: Sharing – Bug fixes, and a new filter
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes – Audio: make sure that the Jetpack audion shortcode does not override the 3.6 core audio shortcode. Also, we need to filter the old Jetpack-style shortcode to properly set the params for the Core audio shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes – Audio: Re-enable the flash player
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes – Slideshow: RTL styling update
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries – Fix IE8 display bug where it doesn’t honor inline CSS for width on images
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries – Remove depreacted hover call, use mouseenter mouseleave instead
  • Enhancement: Twitter Timeline Widget: New JavaScript based widget. Old one will discontinue May 7th.

Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.8

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.8, from version 4.0.7. Changelog:

  • Released on 4/19/2013
  • Completely rewrote logic added in 4.0.7 to fix the conflict with Yoast Google Analytics plugin. This sholud solve the issues folks have been having when using this plugin with PowerPress.
  • Flow Player Classic audio player height changed from 24 to 22 when Firefox detected, displays correctly in Firefox with this custom height.
  • Added code to prevent possible “Empty delimiter” warning for strstr function calls in plugin.
  • Added admin.php to admin_url() function calls to get around issue when web hosting providers do not provide DirectoryIndex support for index.php files.
  • Added channel as an option to the powerpress shortcode to clear up confusion, this option was previously currently called feed for specifying a specific custom podcast channel.
  • Changed logic for powerpress channel shortcode to always display the player and links even if no player configured in settings. (Thanks Daniel Lewis for pointing out the problem)
  • Added new define POWERPRESS_CUSTOM_CAPABILITY_TYPE, for setting an additional compatibility type other than “post” or “page”. Only works for custom podcast channels, not the default podcast channel.
  • Modified logic to allow smaller open in new window sizes, height can now be as small as 20 pixels and width can be as small as 50 pixels. Any values smaller than this will default to height of 20 pixels and width of 50 pixels. We still add 40px width and 80px height padding for scroll bars.
  • Added new option “Do not factor in scroll bars” to the New Window settings. By default, PowerPress adds to the width and height above to compensate for possible vertical and horizontal scroll bars. Check this option if you do not want PowerPress to compensate for browser scroll bars.
  • Fixed a notice message from PHP when error reporting set to include notices, only occurred when hosting configured.
  • Added blubrry Podcast Media Hosting icon with link to disable icon from edit screen.
  • Updated thickbox logic for compatibility with WordPress 3.6+.
  • Added logic to stats redirect URL to prevent incorrect URLs from being used.

Term Management Tools 1.1.2

Term Management Tools was updated to version 1.1.2, from version 1.1.1. Changelog:

  • added ‘term_management_tools_term_merged’ action hook. props Amit Gupta