WPtouch 1.9.30

WPtouch was updated to version 1.9.30, from version 1.9.29. Changelog:

  • Fixed: Added nonces to redirect code

WordPress 3.1.4

WordPress was updated to version 3.1.4.

WordPress 3.2 RC3

WordPress was updated to version 3.2 RC3.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox 0.8

WordPress Backup to Dropbox version 0.8 was installed today.

WordPress 3.2 RC2

WordPress was just updated to version 3.2 RC2, from version 3.2 RC1.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Added gform_product_total product price javascript filter to allow custom total calculation.
  • Added gform_product_info filter to allow manipulation of the product list.
  • Removed custom class from field when displayed in the form editor.
  • Implemented gform_address_display_format on form display.
  • Fixed formatting issue with address field when state field was hidden.
  • Replace dot (.) in complex field’s input IDs with underscores to prevent CSS problems when targeting the input.
  • Added gform_print_entry_header and gform_print_entry_footer hooks to allow users to add custom headers and footers in the Print Entry screen.
  • Added CSS rule to prevent a reported display issue where button panels were cut off by the container overflow in the form editor.
  • Fixed javascript error on drop down shipping fields when using WP 3.2 RC1.
  • Fixed issue with Post Custom Field template not saving value correctly.

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings 2.0.4

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings was updated to version 2.0.4, from version 2.0.3. Changelog:

  • Fixed side nav gray theme icon bug introduced by usage of sprite image

WPtouch 1.9.29

WPtouch was updated to version 1.9.29, from 1.9.28. Changelog:

  • IMPORTANT: Due to a WordPress.org issue, please update

The WordPress.org issue is described in their Passwords Reset post.

WPtouch 1.9.28

WPtouch was updated to version 1.9.28, from 1.9.27. Changelog:

  • Fixed: Javascript issue with excerpts and load more entries

NextGEN Gallery 1.8.1

NextGEN Gallery was updated to version 1.8.1 from 1.8.0. Changelog:

  • Bugfix : Special case for pagination, instead of showing page-1, we show the clean url
  • Bugfix : Various PHP notice fixes
  • Bugfix : Typo in rewrite rules
  • Bugfix : Flush rewrite rules during upgrade later