WordPress Backup to Dropbox 1.4.2

WordPress Backup to Dropbox was updated to version 1.4.2, from version 1.4. Changelog:


  • Fixed the uninstaller
  • Fixed issue where files over 10mb where not being uploaded in their correct directories
  • FIxed a fatal error on a corrupt processed files list


  • Fixed exclude widget checkbox css position
  • Fixed issue where all files where being uploaded in subsequent backups
  • Fixed cannot access empty property fatal error
  • Moved the safe mode warning out of the settings page to the backup log
  • The backup log now logs to a file in ‘wp-content/backups’ that is uploaded to Dropbox at the end of a backup
  • Allow for multiple emails in the email extension
  • Allow for sub folders in the store in subfolder setting

Theme Info 1.8

Theme Info was updated to version 1.8, from version 1.7. Changelog:

  • 1.8 Added a check for making sure the Theme Files are present, and will display a message if there is a site using a theme that no longer exists

Liveblog 1.2

Liveblog was updated to version 1.2, from version 1.1. Changelog:

New functionality:

  • Introduce many new hooks and filters, which help customization without changing the plugin code.
  • Allow shortcodes and OEmbed in liveblog entries


  • Spanish by @elarequi
  • Dutch by @defries
  • Catalan by @gasparappa
  • German by @cfoellmann
  • Add github-friendly version of readme.txt
  • Optimize PNG files

Fixed problems:

  • Fix JavaScript errors on IE8, props @pippercameron
  • Fix preview tab
  • Compatibility with plupload 1.5.4, props @borkweb

Hotfix 1.0

Hotfix was updated to version 1.0, from version 0.9. Changelog:

  • Lets you update Twenty Twelve if it is shown as “broken” after installing 3.5

Broken Link Checker 1.7

Broken Link Checker was updated to version 1.7, from version 1.6.2. Changelog:

  • Added support for youtu.be shortlinks.
  • Added a Finnish translation.
  • Fixed a graphical bug where the currently selected settings tab would not be highlighted in WordPress 3.5.
  • Removed the “Blogroll items” module from the list of link containers enabled by default. The WordPress developer team is planning to remove Link Manager from core, and the “Links” menu will be hidden by default in new WP 3.5 installs.
  • Removed the Admin Menu Editor Pro ad from the “Settings -> Link Checker” and the “Tools -> Broken Links” pages.
  • Disabled the news link (if any) for users who have donated.
  • Removed support for pre-WP 2.9 post meta actions.
  • Minor styling changes of screen meta links.
  • Updated Danish, Germa, Italian, French and Simplified Chinese translations.
  • Tested on WordPress 3.5.

Akismet 2.5.7

Akismet was updated to version 2.5.7, from version 2.5.6. Changelog:

  • FireFox Stats iframe preview bug
  • Fix mshots preview when using https
  • Add .htaccess to block direct access to files
  • Prevent some PHP notices
  • Fix Check For Spam return location when referrer is empty
  • Fix Settings links for network admins
  • Fix prepare() warnings in WP 3.5

Jetpack by WordPress.com 2.0.4

Jetpack by WordPress.com was updated to version 2.0.4, from version 2.0.2. Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: Open Graph: Correct a bug that prevents Jetpack from being activated if the SharePress plugin isn’t installed.


  • Enhancement: Infinite Scroll: support VideoPress plugin.
  • Enhancement: Photon: Apply to all images retrieved from the Media Library.
  • Enhancement: Photon: Retina image support.
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS: Refined editor interface.
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS: Support Sass and LESS with built-in preprocessors.
  • Enhancement: Open Graph: Better checks for other plugins that may be loading Open Graph tags to prevent Jetpack from doubling meta tag output.
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll: Respect relative image dimensions.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Detect custom-cropped images and use those with Photon, rather than trying to use the original.
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Fix for bug preventing @import from working with url()-style URLs.

Zendesk Support for WordPress 1.3

Zendesk Support for WordPress version 1.3 was installed today.

Twenty Twelve 1.1

Twenty Twelve was updated to version 1.1.

Twenty Ten 1.5

Twenty Ten was updated to version 1.5.