WordPress MU Domain Mapping

WordPress MU Domain Mapping was updated to version, from version No Changelog was available.

NextGEN Gallery 1.9.2

NextGEN Gallery was updated to version 1.9.2, from version 1.9.1. Changelog:

  • NEW : Added more XMLRPC commands (THX to Vladimir Vinogradsky)
  • Changed : Rework Post-thumbnail function (THX to Kristian Edlund)
  • Bugfix : Check first for valid images on unzip (only Mac OS zip-files)
  • Bugfix : Increase z-index for twenty eleven theme
  • Bugfix : Support non latin chars in tagcloud
  • Bugfix : Allow other tinymce intance
  • Bugfix : Better support for WPML translation

Akismet 2.5.5

Akismet was updated to version 2.5.5, from version 2.5.4. Changelog:

  • Add nonce check for comment author URL remove action
  • Fix the settings link

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings 2.0.12

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings was updated to version 2.0.12, from 2.0.11. Changelog:

  • Fix for CSS bug on admin pages with WordPress 3.3
  • Add range of new languages to further localize the plugin
  • Updated the shortcodes to be better sanitized to prevent possibility of XSS


BuddyPress was updated to version, from 1.5.2. There wasn’t a changelog available.

Akismet 2.5.4

Akismet was updated to version 2.5.4, from version 2.5.3. Changelog:

  • Limit Akismet CSS and Javascript loading in wp-admin to just the pages that need it
  • Added author URL quick removal functionality
  • Added mShot preview on Author URL hover
  • Added empty index.php to prevent directory listing
  • Move wp-admin menu items under Jetpack, if it is installed
  • Purge old Akismet comment meta data, default of 15 days

WPtouch 1.9.37

WPtouch was updated to version 1.9.37, from version 1.9.35. There wasn’t a 1.9.36 version. Changelog:

  • Added: More CSS prefixes for Mozilla/Opera browsers
  • Added: Social Share plugin hiding
  • Changed: Layout of advertising section
  • Changed: Removed fixed header option for iOS5— it’s half-baked and not fully working correctly yet
  • Fixed: Issue with ordered lists
  • Fixed: Issue with Login/My Account tab always showing in some situations

WordPress 3.3.1

WordPress was updated to version 3.3.1.

IntenseDebate 2.9.3

IntenseDebate was updated to version 2.9.3, from version 2.9.2. Changelog:

  • Remove mentions of $wpmu which is deprecated
  • Bump requirement to WP3.0
  • Get rid of our JSON library
  • Remove Facebook xd receiver file
  • Remove no-longer-used reference to Facebook cross-domain receiver
  • Update .pot file

WordPress Backup to Dropbox 0.9.2

WordPress Backup to Dropbox was updated to version 0.9.2, from version 0.9.1. Changelog:

  • Fixed issues when open basedir restriction is on
  • Removed DISABLE_WP_CRON check for users who use a real cron
  • Added a clear history button
  • Added a stop backup button and updated the backup monitor a bit