Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights 6.2.7

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights was updated to version 6.2.7, from version 6.2.6. Changelog:

  • Tweak: Adjustments to notifications.

iThemes Sync 2.0.5

iThemes Sync was updated to version 2.0.5, from version 2.0.4. Changelog:

  • Bug Fix: Fixing Multiple issues with Client Dashboard

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 4.0.3

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway was updated to version 4.0.3, from version 4.0.2. Changelog:

  • Fix – Pass Stripe source as id instead of object as some sites may conflict with objects being passed.
  • Fix – For Payment Request Button, if test keys are not filled, it can cause live mode not to function.

Divi Builder 2.0.59

Divi Builder was updated to version 2.0.59, from version 2.0.58. No Changelog was available.

Divi Builder 2.0.58

Divi Builder was updated to version 2.0.58, from version 2.0.57. No Changelog was available.

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 4.0.2

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway was updated to version 4.0.2, from version 4.0.1. Changelog:

  • Add – 3DS support on Stripe Checkout ( Modal Popup ).
  • Add – Filter to enable Payment Request Button on Checkout ‘wc_stripe_show_payment_request_on_checkout’.
  • Add – Filter to remove all fields from checkout validation. ‘wc_stripe_validate_checkout_all_fields’.
  • Add – Filter to remove required fields from checkout validation. ‘wc_stripe_validate_checkout_required_fields’.
  • Add – Custom error exceptions class.
  • Add – Credit card field names for clarity.
  • Fix – Possible conflicts with payment request totals when subscriptions is active.
  • Fix – Undefined notice on save card via subscriptions if card is deleted.
  • Fix – Error translation issue when 3DS is required.
  • Fix – Possible 404 if getting customer source if no id was found.
  • Fix – Add payment method was still available when save cards setting is disabled.
  • Fix – In certain cases when webhook is used, refunds can show as doubled when it is not.
  • Fix – Stripe checkout with bitcoin returns error on processing.
  • Tweak – Remove Sofort country selection in favor of using the billing country.
  • Tweak – Add payment page CSS styling.
  • Tweak – Error log to show full response object.


BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • sFTP destination: Fix to address archive limiting not being able to delete files on some servers. Now switching into path and then deleting without path in deletion call.

  • Improved handling of edit counting for “edits since last backup” counter for better accuracy.
  • S3 (v3): China region fixes.
  • S3 (v3): Fixed East-1 problem as of

Jetpack by 5.7.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 5.7.1, from version 5.7. Changelog:

  • Added ability to create revisions of Portfolio Projects.
  • Users hosting their sites with our Pressable partner who have Rewind access can now jump from the new Activity card in the Jetpack dashboard to the Activity Log in and restore or download backups for the site.
  • Comments: Edit links for comments in the frontend can redirect to calypso if the Jetpack option edit_links_calypso_redirect is enabled.
  • Protect: Updated the styling of the Protect page for recovering access to your site when you’re locked out of it.
  • Search: Improved the UI for customizing the Search widget.
  • Comments: Updated our filtering behavior for Jetpack comments so other plugins appending html to the comments section are able to do it instead of being filtered out by Jetpack.
  • Widgets: We updated Goodreads URLs to support https schema.
  • Masterbar: We now hide the Masterbar settings card in Jetpack’s Admin Page for sites that are set to always show the Masterbar.
  • Lazy Images: Added a callback for processing image attributes array when attempting to lazy load images are loaded via wp_get_attachment_image.
  • Search: Added hooks to the search filters widget so that other plugins/themes can hook in and change its output.
  • REST API: Added a check for avoiding a fatal error when attempting to include Akismet class files in case the Akismet plugin files are present but the permissions on the files there are set to be not readable
  • Markdown: Fixed bug where code inside shortcodes wasn’t correctly restored from the hash.
  • Search: Fixed the link that acts as a month and year filter removal toggle.


BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • S3 (v3) destination: Attempted fix on China region destinations.
  • S3 (v3) destination: Added China Northwest 1 (Ningxia) region.

  • Dropbox v2 destination: Fixed archive limiting not working in some circumstances.
  • Dropbox v2 destination: Updated delete call to use new v2 API for future-proofing.
  • Local path destination: Defaults now applied before all activity and path trailing slash forced before each use.
  • Added an additional backup hard-coded remote destination retry limit of 10 tries. Prevents runaway retry attempts if base system for limiting retries fails as a safety mechanism.
  • Removed ‘new’ ribbon from S3 (v3) destination.
  • Scheduling page now displays the user-friendly interval tag for schedules with the internal tag in parentheses for creating, editing, and viewing existing schedules.
  • Scheduling page now displays error at top of page and in schedule listing if an invalid schedule interval tag is selected (eg. If a plugin’s custom interval was selected but the plugin was later uninstalled).

  • sFTP destination: Fix for not deleting archives exceeding archive limits on some servers when a custom path is defined.

Hummingbird 1.7.1

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.7.1, from version Changelog:

  • New: Download log button in page caching module
  • New: Minification screen has been split into beginner and advanced views
  • New: Minification advanced view allows manipulations with jquery, jquery-core and jquery-migrate files
  • Enhance: Page caching module checking for wp-content directory and wp-config.php file
  • Enhance: Hummingbird will convert any path to regex expression in exclusion rules in page caching module
  • Enhance: Compatibility with Bedrock
  • Enhance: Detection and handling of WP_CACHE constant in wp-config.php file
  • Enhance: More informative tooltips for caching modules
  • Fix: Minification not always correctly detecting when HTTP/2 is used
  • Fix: Cloudflare integration shows empty zone when website domain includes www
  • Fix: Notices during page/post edit when page caching is active