Classic Editor 1.3

Classic Editor was updated to version 1.3, from version 0.5. Changelogs:


  • Fixed removal of the “Try Gutenberg” dashboard widget.
  • Fixed condition for displaying of the after upgrade notice on the “What’s New” screen. Shown when the Classic Editor is selected and users cannot switch editors.


  • Fixed switching editors from the Add New (post) screen before a draft post is saved.
  • Fixed typo that was appending the edit URL to the classic-editor query var.
  • Changed detecting of WordPress 5.0 to not use version check. Fixes a bug when testing 5.1-alpha.
  • Changed the default value of the option to allow users to switch editors to false.
  • Added disabling of the Gutenberg plugin and lowered the required WordPress version to 4.9.
  • Added classic_editor_network_default_settings filter.


  • Fixed a bug where it may attempt to load the Block Editor for post types that do not support editor when users are allowed to switch editors.


  • Updated for WordPress 5.0.
  • Changed all “Gutenberg” names/references to “Block Editor”.
  • Refreshed the settings UI.
  • Removed disabling of the Gutenberg plugin. This was added for testing in WordPress 4.9. Users who want to continue following the development of Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 and beyond will not need another plugin to disable it.
  • Added support for per-user settings of default editor.
  • Added support for admins to set the default editor for the site.
  • Added support for admins to allow users to change their default editor.
  • Added support for network admins to prevent site admins from changing the default settings.
  • Added support to store the last editor used for each post and open it next time. Enabled when users can choose default editor.
  • Added “post editor state” in the listing of posts on the Posts screen. Shows the editor that will be opened for the post. Enabled when users can choose default editor.
  • Added classic_editor_enabled_editors_for_post and classic_editor_enabled_editors_for_post_type filters. Can be used by other plugins to control or override the editor used for a particular post of post type.
  • Added classic_editor_plugin_settings filter. Can be used by other plugins to override the settings and disable the settings UI.


BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Bug Fix: Fixed error that prevents users from disconnecting from Stash Live when no Stash remote destinations are active.

  • Bug Fix: Increased timeouts for Stash to fix some reported issues of requests timing out.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could cause failure to sign into Stash Live.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed source of the following warning: “Undefined index: finish_time in backupbuddy/classes/housekeeping.php on line 392”.

iThemes Security Pro 5.5.8

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.5.8, from version 5.5.6. Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: Only re-add Trusted Devices restricted capabilities filter if it was registered in the first place.
  • Bug Fix: Error when trying to edit reusable blocks with per-post SSL enabled.


  • Tweak: Use new “determine_locale()” function for loading the plugin textdomain.
  • Bug Fix: Update Grade Report Software version fallback data.

Co-Authors Plus 3.3.1

Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.3.1, from version 3.3.0. Changelog:

  • 5.0 Compat: Hide core author inputs when using the Block Editor to limit confusion (h/t jonathanstegall).

Sucuri Security 1.8.19

Sucuri Security was updated to version 1.8.19, from version 1.8.18. Changelog:

  • Add option to refresh the SiteCheck malware scan results
  • Add support for a CLI command to ignore files in the core integrity check
  • Fix text

WP Rollback 1.6

WP Rollback was updated to version 1.6, from version 1.5.1. Changelog:

  • New: You now have the ability to rollback to the trunk for plugins. This is useful for beta testing releases and more.
  • New: Add actions “wpr_plugin_success”, “wpr_plugin_failure”, “wpr_theme_success”, and “wpr_theme_failure” for developers.
    New: If a plugin or theme does not have any tagged releases to select from then then an informative notice appears rather than empty space for a better user experience.
  • Tweak: Use the API to retrieve plugin release version information for more reliable results.

Divi Builder 2.18.4

Divi Builder was updated to version 2.18.4, from version 2.17.6. No Changelog was available.

Hummingbird 1.9.3

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.9.3, from version 1.9.2. Changelog:

  • New: Download and clear Asset Optimization logs on multisite
  • New: Color accessibility option
  • New: wphb_shold_cache_request_pre action hook to exclude requests from caching
  • New: Whitelabeling option when used with Dashboard plugin
  • Enhance: Remove activation redirect to plugin page, add pointer for new users
  • Enhance: Do not cache pages with wp_woocommerce_session_* cookies
  • Enhance: Do not redirect to plugin page after clearing cache
  • Enhance: Compatibility with Hub actions
  • Enhance: Do not recreate advanced-cache.php if already exists
  • Enhance: WPMU DEV hosting integration with Asset Optimization
  • Fix: Do not trigger new Asset Optimization scan in filters
  • Fix: UI overlapping issues on Asset Optimization page
  • Fix: Loader icons not showing progress in Database Optimization module
  • Fix: Compatibility with Ultimate Branding
  • Fix: Page caching not properly processing late init scripts
  • Fix: PHP warnings in settings-hooks.php

AMP 1.0.0

AMP was updated to version 1.0.0, from version 0.7.2. Changelog:

  • Add runtime CSS minification, !important replacement, and tree shaking.
  • Keep track of new validation errors and add ability to accept/reject in order to allow or block AMP for a given URL.
  • Redesign screens for Invalid URLs and Error Index.
  • Extend admin screen options to add amp theme support without any coding required. Toggle between classic, paired, and native. Includes options for whether sanitization should be done by default and whether tree shaking should always be allowed.
  • Add support for allowing a site subset to be native AMP.
  • Add an admin pointer for updated AMP settings screen for version 1.0.
  • Add support for three core themes (Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventeen) so that they can be used out of the box with AMP theme support added without needing to create a child theme.
  • Add AMP support for Twenty Nineteen.
  • Add AMP menu item to admin bar on frontend with indication of AMP validation status; accessing an AMP URL that has unaccepted validation errors will redirect to the non-AMP page and cause the AMP admin bar item to indicate the failure, along with a link to access the validation results.
  • Add dynamic handling of validation errors.
  • Add AMP validation of blocks.
  • Add AMP-specific functionality to core blocks.
  • Add AMP media blocks (when in native AMP mode).
  • Add embed handler for Gfycat.
  • Add amp-mathml block.
  • Add Gutenberg amp-timeago block.
  • Add amp-fit-text support to text blocks.
  • Fix handling of font stylesheets with non-HTTPS scheme or scheme-less URLs.
  • Fix issues in displaying native blocks.
  • Gutenberg: Add AMP Carousel for Gallery and AMP Lightbox features for Gallery and Image.
  • Add “Enable AMP” toggle in Gutenberg editor.
  • Cache post processor response.
  • Add preload links & resource hints, and optimize order of elements in head.
  • Automatically redirect to ?amp from /amp/ URLs when amp theme support is present.
  • Incorporate Server Timing API.
  • Add information about stylesheets included and excluded in style[amp-custom].
  • Fetch (local) stylesheets with @import, instead of removing them.
  • Fetch external stylesheets (which aren’t from whitelisted font CDNs) to include in amp-custom style.
  • Transform CSS selectors according to sanitizer HTML element to AMP component conversions.
  • Rework displaying block validation messages.
  • Ensure layout attributes are only allowed on supporting elements.
  • Correct the width attribute in col tags to the equivalent CSS rule.
  • Ensure that video source elements use HTTPS.
  • Preserve whitespace when serializing the DOM as HTML.
  • Fix reporting the removal of unrecognized elements.
  • Remove space from data: url() in stylesheets.
  • Fix inconsistency between singular and plural.
  • Disable AMP admin menu option when the AMP Customizer is not enabled or theme support is enabled.
  • Allow spaces around commas in value property lists.
  • Restore admin bar on AMP pages and improve AMP menu items.
  • Remove empty media queries.
  • Update PHP-CSS-Parser and include tree shaker effectiveness in style[amp-custom] manifest comment.
  • Display admin notice if there’s no persistent object caching.
  • Re-use styling for unmoderated comments to apply to new accepted/rejected validation errors.
  • Update PHP-CSS-Parser to use new calc() support.
  • Fix parsing CSS selectors which contain commas.
  • Add sanitizer to support amp-o2-player.
  • Update and add code of conduct.
  • Add AMP_Embed_Sanitizer.
  • Add AMP_Script_Sanitizer to replace noscript elements with their contents.
  • Update generated tags file to 767.
  • Fix header image filtering and YouTube header video detection.
  • Improve support for Hulu & Imgur embeds.
  • Fix integration with WordPress 5.0.
  • Update spec generated from amphtml to file revision 675 and AMP v1531357871900.
  • Opt-in to CORS mode for external font stylesheet links.
  • PHPCS fixes, including PHP DocBlocks and strict comparisons.
  • Fix generation of validation error when element has multiple invalid attributes.
  • Prevent empty term status from being interpreted as new-rejected during bulk change.
  • Add script to create built tag.
  • Fix handling of amp-bind attributes to ensure that “>” can appear inside attribute values.
  • Tree-shake CSS selectors for HTML elements that target non-active languages.
  • Redirect to post list table in case of admin bar validate request failure.
  • Amend AMP style elements with sourceURL comment for DevTools to be able to perform CSS code coverage.
  • Prevent erroneously tree-shaking keyframe selectors like from, to, and percentages.
  • Add caching of redirect to non-AMP URL when validation errors present.
  • Discontinue using ‘latest’ version of component scripts.
  • Ensure font stylesheets are requested in CORS mode in both AMP and non-AMP documents.
  • Move any content output during shutdown to be injected before closing body tag.
  • Fix obtaining source for widgets.
  • Address issue where <ul> is converted to an <amp-carousel>.
  • Construct meta script by appending text node.
  • Eliminate amp-wp-enforced-sizes style from theme support stylesheet.
  • Add support for extracting (pixel) dimensions from SVG images.
  • Ensure redirect is only done if there are unsanitized errors.
  • Deprecate AMP_WP_Utils, in favor of wp_parse_url().
  • Add WP-CLI script to test support for blocks.
  • Ensure translatable strings in blocks can actually be translated.
  • Look in entire document for metadata not just head.
  • Fix title display of Invalid URL page.
  • Add native/paired/classic mode to AMP generator meta.
  • Prevent is_amp_endpoint() from triggering notice when called on login, signup, or activate screens.
  • Support extracting dimensions for single URLs.
  • Improve validation and presentation of analytics form.
  • Prevent validation of auto-drafts, including when merely accessing New Post screen.
  • Fix inability to move link element due to assigned parent.
  • Gutenberg: Remove ‘type’ from attributes where ‘source’ is set.
  • Gutenberg: Fix displaying validation warning and usage of PHP function.
  • Fix stretched images in Twenty Seventeen them and Gutenberg.
  • Fix image dimension extractor so it does not disregard duplicate images.
  • Improve organization of third party code.
  • Short-circuit polldaddy shortcode when no poll or survey supplied.
  • Remove redundant version from composer.json and add PHP version requirement.
  • Add warning when AMP plugin is installed in incorrect directory.
  • Store validation errors in order of occurrence in document.
  • Add .editorconfig file.
  • Update i18n to make use of updated WP-CLI command.
  • Use all eligible post types when all_templates_supported is selected.
  • Address an issue with an invalid embed.
  • Do not show fallback source as active theme if no validation errors.
  • Respect default AMP enabled status when creating a new post in Gutenberg.
  • Fix incorrect attribution of theme as source for content validation errors.
  • Move AMP Settings in editor to after default settings.
  • Fix conversion of video to amp-video.
  • Add new icon, text, and style to splash notice.
  • Normalize ‘ver’ query param in script/style validation errors to prevent recurrence after accepted.
  • Add to the list of AMP Cache hosts.
  • Add missing tabindex attribute to lightbox images.
  • Update AMP spec to 757 (v1811091519050).
  • Detect ineffectual post-processor response cache due to high MISS rates and auto-disable.
  • Update regex for tag selectors.
  • Update the validator spec version to 720 and AMP v1534879991178; add support for reference points.
  • Update spec from revision 720 to 734.
  • Fix form sanitizer’s handling of relative actions by making them absolute.
  • Skip Server-Timing header if not WP_DEBUG and user cannot manage_options.
  • Fetch CSS over HTTP when URL lacks extension; convert font CDN stylesheets @imports to convert to links instead of fetching.
  • Add WP-CLI command for testing the AMP compatibility of an entire site.
  • Update screenshots.
  • Update the description of the AMP project in readme file.
  • Use new banner images.
  • Display when validation results are stale due to active theme/plugin changes.
  • Fix displaying of expected notices when theme support enabled by theme.
  • Update native mode description to mention AMP-first.
  • Fix handling responses to form submissions from an AMP Cache.
  • Replace Gutenberg’s deprecated isCleanNewPost selector.
  • Updates php-css-parser to include fix for parsing calc() with negative values.
  • Add embed support for Twitter timelines via new amp-twitter attributes.
  • Eliminate obsolete sudo:false from Travis config.
  • Fix tooltip position.
  • Add error type filters on validation error and invalid URL screens.
  • Default to auto sanitization and tree shaking being enabled.
  • Prevent the admin pointer from staying below the viewport.
  • Omit validation errors sanitized by filter or tree-shaking option; since sanitization is forced, there is no point to store.
  • Prevent URL validation from happening during bulk imports.
  • Normalize invalid URL stored for amp_validated_url post type.
  • Make the default layout responsive for the <amp-ooyala-player> block.
  • Add default values for AMP Timeago block.
  • Expose and store queried object for validated URL; show edit link.
  • Re-validate the site when switching modes and show the results in a notice.
  • Improve access to AMP admin screens for users who are not administrators.
  • Display a welcome notice on the main ‘AMP Settings’ page.
  • Fix URL protocol validation and parsing attribute values with multiple URLs.
  • Prevent a notice from appearing in the Compatibility Tool meta box.
  • Restore ability to customize ‘amp’ query var when theme support added.
  • Add slug constants for theme support and post type support.
  • Fix ability to add AMP support for custom post types.
  • Fix stretched logo and header issues in Twenty Seventeen.
  • Add caption support to all amp-instagram embeds.
  • Fix PHP warning generated by calls to idn_to_utf8().
  • Fix PHP fatal error during AMP validation when a plugin uses a class method as an output buffer callback.
  • Update minimum PHP version from 5.3.2 to 5.3.6.
  • Improve package.json and composer.json.
  • Ensure PHP file generated for use by is free of syntax errors.

EWWW Image Optimizer 4.5.3

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 4.5.3, from version 4.5.2. Changelog:

  • fixed: ExactDN duplicates srcset instead of replacing it
  • security: remote code execution, low exposure