Gutenberg 2.9.0

Gutenberg was updated to version 2.9.0, from version 2.8.0.

Default Themes 4.9.6

The default themes were updated with WordPress 4.9.6.

  • Twenty Ten to version 2.5
  • Twenty Eleven to version 2.8
  • Twenty Twelve to version 2.5.
  • Twenty Thirteen to version 2.4
  • Twenty Fourteen to version 2.2
  • Twenty Fifteen to version 2.0
  • Twenty Sixteen to version 1.5
  • Twenty Seventeen to version 1.6

WordPress 4.9.6

WordPress was updated to version 4.9.6.

BuddyPress 3.0.0

BuddyPress was updated to version 3.0.0, from version 2.9.4.


WooCommerce Services 1.13.3

WooCommerce Services was updated to version 1.13.3, from version 1.13.2. Changelog:

  • Fix broken admin after product featured in ‘missing weight’ notice is deleted

WooCommerce Services 1.13.2

WooCommerce Services was updated to version 1.13.2, from version 1.13.0. Changelog:

  • Fix PHP Warning when the server cannot be reached for shipping rates or products are missing dimensions

Divi Builder 2.3.1

Divi Builder was updated to version 2.3.1, from version 2.2.2. No Changelog was available.

Multisite Enhancements 1.4.3

Multisite Enhancements was updated to version 1.4.3, from version 1.4.2. Changelog:

  • Fix undefined index Network on plugin list
  • Fix small php notes.
  • Fix the possibility to translate the footer message about RAM, SQL queries.
  • ​Add fix to leave message for the parent theme in a single line.
  • Add Ui change to list more as 4 themes in Theme usage overview

Yoast SEO 7.5.1

Yoast SEO was updated to version 7.5.1, from version 7.4.2. Changelog:


  • Fixes a bug where the auto-generating of the slug did not work as expected due to persisting of the post name too agressively.


  • Adds readability analysis for Russian.
  • Improves accessibility.
  • Fixes a bug where images with specific aspect ratios where removed from OpenGraph consideration. This was causing unexpected results with Facebook sharing. The aspect ratio check has been removed completely.
  • Fixes a bug where sentences ending in multiple sentence marks, exclamation marks or ellipses were treated as multiple sentences.
  • Fixes a bug where attempting to get Yoast SEO options in multi-site, would result in wrong values being returned.
  • Fixes a bug where the sitemap styling could not be loaded when the Site domain differs from the Admin domain.
  • Fixes a bug where the admin bar still used old copy: Dashboard has been renamed to General.

MailChimp for WooCommerce 2.1.7

MailChimp for WooCommerce was updated to version 2.1.7, from version 2.1.6. Changelog:

  • fix Queue_Command filepath in autoloader