Jetpack by 6.9

Jetpack by was updated to version 6.9, from version 6.8.1. Changelog:

  • Block Editor: this release introduces new blocks: a Subcription form block, a Tiled Gallery block, and a Related Posts block.
  • Admin Page: several changes to improve navigation and connection flows for new and existing Jetpack site owners.
  • Admin Page: make the Jetpack dashboard wider on large screens for a better experience.
  • Affiliate tools: offer options for affiliate partners to manage affiliation links on their site.
  • Carousel: add support for the new Tiled Gallery block.
  • Contact Form: use the comment blacklist to filter contact form submissions.
  • Dashboard notices: automatically dismiss notices once a feature has been activated.
  • Dashboard notices: fix styling to work better with the Hello Dolly plugin.
  • Internationalization: add new locales, ensure existing ones are up to date.
  • REST API: new endpoint to expose Gutenberg block and plugin availabilty.
  • Search: add hook to get_filters() to allow the use of custom filters.
  • Shortcodes: add new Mailchimp shortcode to insert Mailchimp subscription forms anywhere in your posts and pages.
  • SSO: offer message introducing the feature to new users.
  • Stats: improve the design of the Stats dashboard widget.
  • Widgets: add filter to set DoNotTrack in Twitter Timeline widget.
  • REST API: add new option to set sites to private.
  • AMP: ensure that all Jetpack features are compatible with the latest version of the AMP plugin. Solves issues previously encountered with sharing buttons and stats.
  • Images: ensure that images inserted with new block editor can be used in Open Graph Meta tags, Related Posts, and Publicized posts.
  • PHP 7.3: avoid PHP warnings so the plugin can be fully compatible with the latest version of PHP.
  • Sharing: do not add Jetpack’s Twitter Meta Tags when the WP To Twitter plugin is active.
  • Twenty Nineteen: additional style adjustments to make sure all Jetpack widgets look good with the theme.
  • WooCommerce: do not include product reviews in comment counts in the REST API.
  • Admin Page: update feature limits mentioned when disconnecting Jetpack from
  • Block Editor: fix loading of translations in the editor when Jetpack’s Site Accelerator feature is active.
  • Carousel: ensure that Carousel works well with the Gallery block in the new block editor.
  • Carousel: do not open modal when clicking on a link in a caption
  • Publicize: improve synchronization of sharing settings with
  • Publicize: only display Gutenberg Publicize UI to users with the correct permissions.
  • Responsive videos: don’t load if theme supports core responsive embeds.
  • Search: fix fatal error when the Search Widget is enabled while the site is in Development Mode.
  • Sharing: update Tumblr official sharing button.
  • Shortcodes: update YouTube shortcode to support more video link formats.
  • Shortlinks: add the option to view shortlinks in the Block editor.
  • Simple Payments: only register block when all needed data is available.
  • Widgets: only load Social Icons widget scripts and styles when necessary.
  • WooCommerce Analytics: avoid Fatal Errors in some specific site setups.
  • WooCommerce Analytics: improve performance by avoiding unnecessary calls to the feature when it is not needed.