iThemes Security Pro 5.7.0

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.7.0, from version 5.5.8. Changelog:


  • New Feature: reCAPTCHA v3 support. Can toggle between loading the api on all pages ( recommended ) or only the required pages. Adjust the Block Threshold from the recommended default of “0.5” based on the data in the Google reCAPTCHA console.
  • New Feature: On page reCAPTCHA opt-in to allow users to agree to Google’s ToS without refreshing the page.


  • Bug Fix: Prevent dashboard error when the “Show Avatars” setting is disabled.
  • Bug Fix: Styling issue that made “Identified Loopback IP” look like an error message instead of a success.


  • New Feature: Introducing the iThemes Security Dashboard. See a real-time overview of the security activity on your website with this dynamic dashboard. Turn it on by activating the Security Dashboard module.
  • Enhancement: Add loopback IP detection to Security Check.
  • Enhancement: Add define “ITSEC_DISABLE_TEMP_WHITELIST” to disable the Temporary IP Whitelisting for logged-in administrators.
  • Tweak: Only run Remote Messages API on Pro versions.