Gravity Forms 2.4.5

Gravity Forms was updated to version 2.4.5, from version 2.4.3. Changelog:

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added support for using a cssClass property with the array returned by the gform_review_page filter to apply custom classes to the page div element.
  • Updated the entry detail page gform_order_summary filter to remove leading and trailing whitespace from the first param, the order summary markup.
  • Updated the entry detail page to use wp_die() instead of die() when the user does not have the required capabilities for the current action.
  • Fixed a PHP 7.3 warning on the entry detail page.
  • Fixed an issue on the entry detail page where file uploads are not deleted successfully when new fields are uploaded to a multi-file upload field.
  • Add-on Framework: Fixed generic mapping key input disappearing if custom key value is left empty.