Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights 7.4.1

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights was updated to version 7.4.1, from version 7.3.2. Changelog:


  • Fixed: WordPress Core currently has a bug (18857) that affects a super small percentage of our userbase (under 3%) that we’ve patched our plugin for until WordPress can get a fix shipped in a release.


  • New: Brand new settings panel written in VueJS! The new panel has been designed to simplify the process of setting up MonsterInsights and make MonsterInsights’s powerful features more user friendly to use.
  • New: Brand new onboarding wizard that walks you through setting up MonsterInsights and automatically configures your MonsterInsights settings based on your website needs in just a few minutes.
  • New: Users using the affiliate link tracking feature will find they can now define a custom label for each link they want to track, and it’s all validated in a new custom repeater field.
  • New: Significant performance improvements on both the admin and frontend side of things. This is best exemplified by the new settings panel, which loads significantly faster than the previous one.
  • New: MonsterInsights’s support staff often sees users who have upgraded to using MonsterInsights from other Google Analytics plugins (or even worse hardcoded tracking code), and forget to turn off the old tracking code. MonsterInsights will now automatically detect most of those other tracking codes and let you know so you get the most accurate tracking numbers from the start.
  • Tweak: We’ve gone through the whole settings area and rewrote the labels for each setting to make them more clear as to what they do.
  • Tweak: Based on our opt-in usage tracking data (thank you by the way for those that opt into it), we’ve removed a couple of the settings that nearly all users had enabled/disabled to make the panel even more simple and useful.
  • Tweak: Javascript conflicts with other plugins aren’t fun, so we’ve spent a ton of time testing with hundreds of plugins for this release, and changing our internal code to make it harder for plugin authors not following WordPress best practices to conflict with our code. We’ve been putting the data from the opt-in usage tracking system to test all of the top plugins and themes that our users run (and we’ll continue to do this moving forward).
  • Tweak: As part of our ongoing mission to make MonsterInsights accessible for all, we’ve spent a large amount of this release building out significant tooling for accessibility issue detection, and fixing any issues we have found on the new settings panel. We’re going to continue to work on ensuring MonsterInsights is not just the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress but also the most accessible, and in future releases you’ll see even more compatibility updates for this.
  • Tweak: For users who are using the “light” admin color scheme, you’ll notice our menu icon now adapts to it automatically.
  • Removed: MonsterInsights’s debug mode has been removed. Originally designed as a tool for our support staff to use when helping users we found that we internally were not using it once we started using more powerful browser extensions, so to reduce user confusion (since it is not designed for use by users), we’ve removed it.
  • Removed: We’ve removed a bunch of long deprecated PHP constants, filters, and functions, and streamlined the install routines to make MonsterInsights even faster.


  • Tweak: Adjusted authentication compatibility checks to allow for more accurate checking.
  • Fixed: Issue where the save button might not appear for the network settings panel.
  • Fixed: Added compatibility shims for a couple plugins.