EWWW Image Optimizer 4.6.0

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 4.6.0, from version 4.5.3. Changelog:

  • added: preserve animations in GIF images during resize operations for sites using Imagick extension
  • changed: EXACTDN_EXCLUDE applies to all resources, including images, CSS, JS, fonts, etc.
  • changed: API/ExactDN preserves color profiles, even when removing image metadata
  • changed: new queue table for bulk optimizer to avoid exceeding max packet size for MySQL
  • changed: unit tests run on PHP 7.3 also
  • fixed: too many settings updates when trying to prevent slow queries
  • fixed: ExactDN rewrites urls to static HTML files
  • fixed: ExactDN skips 1x url in some cases, causing browser upscaling
  • fixed: PHP notice when EXACTDN_EXCLUDE is defined
  • fixed: race condition in Alt WebP prevents Webp derivatives from replacing the originals