AMP 1.0.2

AMP was updated to version 1.0.2, from version 1.0.1. Changelog:

  • Gracefully handle conflicting version of PHP-CSS-Parser being loaded. This issue was specifically noticed when the Mailpoet plugin is active.
  • Fix erroneous enqueueing of AMP validation screen JS/CSS assets on non-AMP admin screens.
  • Fix content smooth scrolling in Twenty Seventeen theme.
  • Update welcome prompt to point to Getting Started section on
  • Add _doing_it_wrong() when calling is_amp_endpoint() before queried object is available. This ensures that themes and plugins will get accurate responses when calling is_amp_endpoint() in paired/native modes.
  • Eliminate obsolete i18n code.
  • Prevent re-bundling WordPress packages which are shipped in 5.0.
  • Fix handling of stylesheets for themes that are located in additional theme directories.
  • Improve checks for users who install the plugin from source on GitHub.
  • Improve reliability of phpunit test runs across environments.