Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On 4.0

Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On was updated to version 4.0, from version 3.9. Changelog:

  • Added support for data retention in Gravity Forms 2.4.
  • Fixed an issue with login widget when using special characters in password.
  • Fixed an issue where the username, email, and password fields may not be validated on multi-page forms if the feed conditional logic is not met when the page containing those fields is submitted.
  • Fixed a deprecated function notice with PHP 7.2 when processing update type feeds on form display.
  • Fixed BuddyPress overriding the role after the user is created.
  • Fixed text domains for string translations.
  • Fixed the user_nicename being saved to the _usermeta table instead of the _users table.
  • Fixed an issue with the login form submission when the password contains the less than character.
  • Fixed a fatal error which occurred if the GFFormDisplay class is not available when getting the login form HTML.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 3.9 which prevents the Pending Activations from being listed when the database tables are utf8 encoded instead of the newer utf8mb4.