Jetpack by 6.8

Jetpack by was updated to version 6.8, from version 6.7. Changelog:

  • This release introduces the first wave of Jetpack blocks built for the new block editor, available in WordPress 5.0.
  • General: improve ability to create and troubleshoot Jetpack connections.
  • REST API: new endpoint for testing the Jetpack connection.
  • Akismet: improve caching of all queries for Akismet status.
  • Spellcheck / Grammar: we’ve made sure the Jetpack feature did not create any error when using the block editor.
  • Twenty Nineteen: ensure compatibility with Jetpack’s widgets.
  • Asset CDN: do not try to serve assets from non-public versions.
  • Carousel: handle galleries created via the Gallery block in the new block editor.
  • Photon: make sure our image CDN is fully compatible with the block editor.