Jetpack by 6.7

Jetpack by was updated to version 6.7, from version 6.6.1. Changelog:

  • Site acceleration: new toggle to serve both your images and static files (like CSS and JavaScript) from our CDN.
  • Activity: update Jetpack dashboard to include links to our Activity page, where you can view a record of every change and update on your site.
  • Admin page: add site Activity card.
  • Blocks: provide a mechanism so editor blocks can be translated.
  • Blocks: enqueue Jetpack blocks in the block editor when blocks are available.
  • Debug tools: add information about missing XML extension in self-help tools.
  • REST API: introduce endpoint for retrieving related posts of a particular post.
  • Search: add an advanced excess_boost param which can be adjusted with filters to fine tune query scoring.
  • Sharing / Publicize: change the icons used in the Jetpack dashboard to clarify where the configuration links lead.
  • Secure Sign On: update wording on admin pages to avoid confusion.
  • Shortcodes: update the Polldaddy shortcode to use the new brand, Crowdsignal.
  • Sitemaps: coding standards changes.
  • Site Verification Tools: improve display of the tool’s description on mobile devices.
  • Unit Tests: improve process for faster tests.
  • Themes: ensure compatibility between Jetpack features and the new WordPress default theme, Twenty Nineteen.
  • AMP: add support for GitHub’s Gist shortcodes.
  • PHP 7.3: update Infinite Scroll to avoid PHP warnings when using the latest version of PHP.
  • Protect: fix output of Protect’s Math challenge on login forms created by third-party plugins.
  • Plugins: add a themed plugins page for users managing their plugins via the interface.
  • Site Verification Tools: do not enable Google’s Auto-verification option when a site using a maintenance / coming soon plugin.
  • Blocks: update the VR block to be fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress and Gutenberg.
  • Comment Likes: only prefetch domains used by the feature.
  • CSS Concatenation: make sure all concatenated CSS is up to date.
  • Featured Content: no longer hides the “featured” tag from the Editor or the mobile apps.
  • Geolocation: avoid a PHP notice when setting location for a post in the post editor.
  • Likes: ensure that the Likes column is accessible.
  • REST API: Ensure only strings as escaped as URLs.
  • Search: avoid PHP warning with Search widget.
  • Sharing: improve accessibility of email sharing button.
  • Simple Payments / Widget Visibility: avoid potential Fatal errors on some specific server configurations when updating Jetpack.
  • Sitemaps: remove double encoding of site name in news sitemap.
  • Sitemaps: ensure homepage is only included once.
  • Sitemaps: provide richer “not found” message to site admins.
  • Sitemaps: ensure sitemap is refreshed faster after upgrading Jetpack.
  • Sitemaps: avoid protocol mismatches between the sitemaps and the site.
  • Site Verification Tools: make sure we validate meta tags when saving.