BuddyPress 4.0.0

BuddyPress was updated to version 4.0.0, from version 3.2.0. Changelog:

  • BuddyPress boasts a proud history of letting community members and managers control their data, independent of third-party, commercial entities. In this spirit, as well as the spirit of recent regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), BuddyPress 4.0 introduces a suite of tools allowing users and site admins to manage member data and privacy.
  • The new “Export Data” Settings panel lets users request an export of all BuddyPress data they’ve created. BuddyPress integrates seamlessly with the data export functionality introduced in WordPress 4.9.8, and BP data is included in exports that are initiated either from the Export Data panel or via WP\’s Tools > Export Personal Data interface. BuddyPress 4.0 also integrates with WordPress 4.9.8’s Privacy Policy tools. When you create or update your Privacy Policy, BP will suggest text that’s specifically tailored to the kinds of social data generated on a BuddyPress site. And BuddyPress will prompt registering users to agree to the Privacy Policy, if your theme supports it.
  • BuddyPress 3.0 introduced a new set of default templates, which we call “Nouveau”. In 4.0, we’ve fixed bugs and smoothed the edges in these templates, including more accessible markup and improved appearance on mobile devices.
  • With every BuddyPress version, we strive to make internal improvements to performance and code quality, at the same time that we introduce new features and fixes. In BuddyPress 4.0, we’ve improved PHP compatibility both in our codebase and in our automated testing tools; we’ve reworked some automated tests for faster performance; we’ve ensured compatibility with upcoming changes in WordPress; and we’ve fixed a number of bugs in the formatting and sending of emails.