WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 4.1.11

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway was updated to version 4.1.11, from version 4.1.10. Changelog:

  • Fix – Explicitly set 3DS source id to prevent 3DS source not charging when not required.
  • Fix – Prevent Stripe JS failed live/test check from throwing JS error.
  • Fix – Find order by source ID if charge ID is not found when cancelled webhook is triggered.
  • Fix – Partial refund on Stripe captured charge erroneously refunding total amount.
  • Fix – Capture charge on previously authorized charge, not showing Stripe fees.
  • Fix – Check if payment icons are set before trying to use them.
  • Fix – Can’t use method in write context errors.
  • Deprecate – Soft deprecated function is_pre_30 with is_wc_lt function.
  • Add – Ability to update all active subscription’s payment method when adding a payment.
  • Add – Hook to show update all active subscription’s payment method checkbox
  • wc_stripe_display_update_subs_payment_method_card_checkbox.
  • Add – CSS minification.
  • Update – WC 3.5 compatibility.
  • Update – Stripe API version to 2018-09-24.