iThemes Security Pro 5.5.1

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.5.1, from version 5.4.8. Changelog:


  • Tweak: Delete a user’s device fingerprints when their account is deleted.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure you can save Two-Factor when “Trusted Devices” is disabled on a new site.


  • New Feature: Trusted Devices identifies the devices users use to login and can apply additional restrictions to unknown devices.
  • Enhancement: Allow a device to be remembered and bypass Two-Factor for 30 days. Requires “Trusted Devices” to be active.
  • Enhancement: Display Recaptcha in the wp_login_form() template function.
  • Enhancement: Block access to git and svn repositories when System Tweaks -> Protect System Files is enabled.
  • Tweak: Update jQuery Validation library to 1.17.0
  • Tweak: Don’t require Two-Factor on-boarding if the user is required to use Two-Factor because of a vulnerable site.
  • Tweak: Update jQuery Validation library to 1.17.0
  • Bug Fix: Improve detection of blocking the File Change Scan from being scheduled if one is already being run.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent infinite recursion error when trying to access directories outside of the allowed file tree.
  • Bug Fix: Grade Report styling issue on IE 11.