WooCommerce 3.4.5

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.4.5, from version 3.4.4. Changelog:

  • Fix – Tweak sanitization when resetting password cookie.
  • Fix – Use + instead of array_merge when appending parent to tax class to fix issues with numeric tax class names.
  • Fix – Correct translation for North Khorasan.
  • Fix – Unify scroll-to notices for all browsers.
  • Fix – Prevent multiple slashing of variation’s SKU.
  • Fix – Variation image in fullscreen now shows correct caption for the respective image.
  • Fix – Vertically center admin order action buttons.
  • Fix – Correct context for shipping packages translation.
  • Fix – Add permission checks for installing Jetpack on the setup wizard.
  • Fix – Use refund currency instead of store default currency when displaying refund amount in the edit order screen.
  • Fix – Fix a typo in REST API customer schema.
  • Fix – Use entire sentence for checkout address_2 placeholder string.
  • Fix – Only suppress comments number on unsupported theme shop page.
  • Fix – Don’t allow users without manage_product_terms permissions to create categories using the product importer.
  • Fix – Correct sale coupon restriction logic.