iThemes Security Pro 5.4.3

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.4.3, from version 5.4.1. Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: Fix serialization of closure error when a plugin registering a hook with a closure is in the boot-up stack and the notification center is triggered too early in the cycle.


  • New Feature: Allow for globally setting recipients for admin-targeted notifications. All new notifications will default to the recipients in this list.
  • Notifications can be set to use the default list or switch to a custom list.
  • Enhancement: Allow for disabling Grade Report for certain users. This will hide the Grade Report in the admin and remove it from the Security Digest sent to those users. If one of these users is configured to receive the “Grade Report Change” email they WILL still receive that notification.
  • Tweak: Account for 3rd-party Backup Plugin in Security Check.
  • Tweak: On upgrade, disable “Grade Report Change” email when more than one recipient is designated to receive the notification.