Hummingbird 1.9.2

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.9.2, from version 1.9.1. Changelog:

  • New: Asset Optimization ability to regenerate single files
  • New: Auto clear out logs that are older than 30 days
  • New: Action hooks: wphb_get_performance_report, wphb_clear_page_cache and wphb_delete_db_data
  • New: REST API endpoints for gzip compression, browser caching and clearing caches
  • New: GDPR policy text
  • Enhance: Improve support for Bedrock installations
  • Enhance: Improve tooltips on Asset Optimization page
  • Enhance: Improve UI in Asset Optimization module
  • Enhance: Log file control for Asset Optimization and Page Caching modules
  • Fix: Errors in Asset Optimization module on WordPress versions 4.6 and lower
  • Fix: Messages in Asset Optimization dashboard module in network admin
  • Fix: PHP warnings after ignoring performance reports
  • Fix: Incorrect stats calculations in Asset Optimization module, when there are assets bigger than 1 Mb in size
  • Fix: Asset optimization scans getting stuck on some installs
  • Fix: Compatibility with WordPress 4.6