Genesis Connect for WooCommerce 1.0

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce was updated to version 1.0, from version 0.9.10. Changelog:

  • Add WooCommerce version check support.
  • Reinstate Genesis Featured Products widget. (Enable with add_theme_support( ‘gencwooc-featured-products-widget’ );.)
  • Prevent ‘ID was called incorrectly’ error if Genesis Featured Products widget is in use.
  • Remove product Microdata to prevent conflict with JSON-LD from WooCommerce 3.
  • Prevent deprecation notice if Genesis Simple Sidebars is in use.
  • The Genesis Featured Products widget now hides products with a price or sale price of ‘0’ if ‘hide free products’ is ticked.
  • Prevent blank pages if WooCommerce Shop page is not set.
  • Prevent fatal error on WooCommerce pages if non-Genesis theme or mobile plugin such as WPtouch is active.
  • Add support for Genesis Scripts to products.
  • The shop page now uses the default site layout if “Default Layout set in Theme Settings” is selected.
  • Show a notice instead of dying if WooCommerce is not active.
  • Show a notice instead of failing silently if a Genesis child theme is not active.
  • Use the default template for product oembeds.
  • Show the Genesis archive headline and intro text on product taxonomy archives if set. Fall back to the archive name and description.
  • Allow network activation on WordPress multisite networks.