iThemes Security Pro 5.4.0

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.4.0, from version 5.3.5. Changelog:

  • New Feature: Granular Version Management control. Select which plugins or themes to auto-update. Optionally, use the delay feature to wait for a release to be stable for a certain number of days for sensitive or critical plugins.
  • New Feature: Optionally, receive an email notification whenever your Grade Report changes. A maximum of once per-day.
  • Tweak: Grade report notice styling and disable the “Resolve Issues” button when working.
  • Tweak: Add Security Check Pro debug page.
  • Tweak: Display a time diff until the next event on the Debug page.
  • Compatibility Fix: 404 detection for plugins that mark is_404 later in the hook sequence.
  • Bug Fix: Plugin and theme updates were hidden after updating a single package via the Grade Report.
  • Bug Fix: Correct grammar for Email Two-Factor method.
  • Bug Fix: Warning when using Grade Report when the Password Requirements module is disabled by constant.
  • Bug Fix: The Dashboard Widget did not count users who didn’t have a primary provider set.
  • Bug Fix: Show “File Scan” button on dashboard widget even if “Write to Files” is disabled.