Gravity Forms 2.3.3

Gravity Forms was updated to version 2.3.3, from version 2.3.2. Changelog:

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Updated conditional logic not to interact with inputs with the gf-default-disabled class.
  • Updated Chosen JS script to latest version to fix an issue when searching in non-ASCII languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the validation message can’t be displayed on the last page of a form.
  • Fixed an issue with the cron task which can prevent other cron tasks from running in the same process.
  • Fixed the shipping field in the pricing summary table using the choice value when the text is requested.
  • Fixed conditional logic not adding the “gf-default-disabled” class to selects which are disabled by custom code or add-ons.
  • Fixed issue introduced in 2.3.2 where
  • GFFeedAddon::get_single_submission_feed() failed to return cached feed when no $form was provided.
  • Fixed the pricing summary table using the choice text when the values are requested.
  • Fixed select elements not being disabled when the field is hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed a PHP notice on form display when populating a list field with an array via the gravity_form function or the “gform_form_args” filter.
  • Fixed an invalid form fields array causing PHP notices and JavaScript errors in the form editor.
  • Fixed plugin settings content escaping the page at the mobile breakpoint.
  • Fixed a performance issue where WordPress upgrade functions are loaded on every request.
  • Fixed notices when re-running the db upgrade on new installations.
  • Reverted the default value of the “gform_product_info_name_include_field_label” filter to false.
  • Fixed an issue with the field select setting where the field_types args are ignored.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting entries numerically by an entry meta column which is registered with “is_numeric” as true, such as “partial_entry_percent”, did not work.
  • Fixed an issue when searching entries when the operator is NOT IN and the array of values doesn’t contain an empty string – entries without a value for the field are not included in the results.
  • Fixed an issue with searching for empty entry meta values.
  • Fixed an issue with joins in the entry search. Join inference was being called too early for all the correct joinable fields to be processed.
  • Fixed the entry detail page, {all_fields}, and {pricing_fields} merge tags using an outdated product info cache when the entry is updated by GFAPI::update_entry().
  • Fixed an issue where entries don’t contain all the values for fields when the inputs are added dynamically during submission.