WooCommerce 3.4.3

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.4.3, from version 3.4.2. Changelog:

  • Fix – Fix label for the price filter widget on RTL sites.
  • Fix – Checkout: stopPropagation when payment method selected so description tips show on radio buttons.
  • Fix – Shipping zone settings: fixed title for shipping methods without settings.
  • Fix – Ensure custom Webhook topic selections are correctly saved in admin.
  • Fix – Webhook bottom bulk actions.
  • Fix – Fixes multisite orders dashboard widget to use order number rather than ID.
  • Fix – Add check to ensure download log FK does not exist before adding it. Update routine will cleanup any duplicates.
  • Fix – IPv6 support with HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header.
  • Fix – Avoid setting wrong prices when syncing grouped products with children.
  • Fix – Separation of explode and end functions in two lines. End function should get a reference as parameter.
  • Fix – Initialize payment gateways before running bulk actions so gateways can listen for events.
  • Fix – Cast shipping total to a float so incl. tax shows only when needed.
  • Fix – Fix automatic stock status updates based on stock level.
  • Fix – Improved sanitize_special_column_name_regex trim to fix column matching when importing CSVs.
  • Fix – Force importer log table to wrap long columns.
  • Fix – Rest API: Prevent errors if variation parent is invalid and cannot be read.
  • Fix – Rest API: Remove legacy API enabled check from auth endpoint.
  • Fix – Display products on sub-subcategories when sorting parent category by price.
  • Fix – Set order status to refunded when a PayPal transaction is refunded.
  • Fix – fix undefined index in abstract-wc-widget.
  • Fix – Round items for order total when recalculating order values to match cart.
  • Fix – Removed mysql transactions when updating order status, tweaked caching, and improved version transient cleanup to prevent possible deadlocks on checkout.
  • Tweak – Added a message to promote Wootenberg when running Gutenberg feature plugin.
  • Tweak – Added a warning notice before removing personal data from orders in bulk.
  • Dev – generate_select_html and generate_multiselect_html functions again support the usage of integer-keyed arrays as available values.
  • Dev – Allow order billing fields to use a provided ‘value’.