Hummingbird 1.9.1

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.9.1, from version 1.9.0. Changelog:

  • New: Icons for modules on Dashboard page
  • New: Summary module meta box on caching pages
  • New: Retain Asset Optimization settings on recheck of files
  • Enhance: Optimize stylesheets and javascript code
  • Enhance: Replace plugin menu icon font with inline SVG
  • Enhance: Various UI/UX improvements
  • Enhance: Compression savings calculations
  • Enhance: Database cleanup module to use builtin WordPress functions to clean expired transients
  • Enhance: Cloudflare meta box behavior
  • Enhance: Handling of individual expiry settings in Browser Caching module
  • Enhance: Better sync with the Hub
  • Fix: Gzip compression not properly detected on some sites
  • Fix: PHP warning during cron performance report
  • Fix: PHP warning after clicking on configure link on the Dashboard Advanced Tools meta box
  • Fix: RTL styles in CDN will now be processed correctly
  • Fix: Asset Optimization module incorrectly showing 0% savings
  • Fix: Asset Optimization module include/exclude toggle not enabling Publish Changes button
  • Fix: Translation strings
  • Fix: Clear cache button on admin tab not working properly on some installs