Hummingbird 1.9.0

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.9.0, from version 1.8.2. Changelog:

  • New: Page caching dynamic page types
  • New: Define the path where to store optimized assets
  • New: Advanced Tools now available on multisite installs
  • Fix: Asset optimization error during minify process
  • Fix: Remove invalid link to configure browser caching in IIS 6
  • Fix: Hide clear cache notice when setting file change detection to auto
  • Fix: Incorrect link on the Gzip compression and Browser caching modules
  • Fix: Performance report colors, icons and buttons
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization UI
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization re-check expiry button functionality
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization handling of root-relative URLs when using CDN
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization fonts moved to Other section in the file list
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization size handling of compressed assets
  • Enhance: Publish changes notice is now less invasive
  • Enhance: Error handling in Cloudflare module
  • Enhance: Optimize performance on Caching modules
  • Enhance: Prefetch DNS values are empty by default, with the ability to auto paste in recommended defaults
  • Enhance: Clear cache notices will not show on subsites in a multisite network
  • Enhance: Hummingbird will no longer store user selected server type and always show detected server