Health Check 1.1.0

Health Check was updated to version 1.1.0, from version 1.0.1. Changelog:

  • Check for theme, plugin and WordPress updates when visiting the debug tab.
  • Improved wording on some failure situations.
  • Made the Debug Information tab a bit easier to read with fixed table styles.
  • Redesigned tools page, with added accordion to avoid information overload, and different features mixing together.
  • Mail test tool now allows you to include an optional customized message.
  • Users can now change between any installed theme while in troubleshooting mode.
  • Renamed the Must-Use plugin, making it align with what features present in the file.
  • Improved the plugin cleanup process, when the plugin is deleted.
  • Show full plugin names, and not slugs, in the troubleshooting admin bar menu.
  • Check if the .htaccess file contains any rules not added by WordPress core in the debug section.
  • Allow the disabling of Troubleshooting Mode from the same page as you previously enabled it from.
  • Removed cURL checks from the automated test page, this was more confusion than help.
  • Add installation size to the debug information.