EWWW Image Optimizer 4.2.2

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 4.2.2, from version 4.2.1. Changelog:

  • added: view pages with ExactDN or the entire plugin disabled via GET paramaters: ewwwio_disable and exactdn_disable
  • changed: moved to v2 quota endpoint for API
  • changed: S3 uploads no longer deferred until after optimization by default,
  • define EWWW_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_DEFER_S3 as true to override
  • changed: image editor extensions can be disabled separately from media library optimization via EWWW_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_DISABLE_EDITOR
  • changed: use exactdn url instead of standard API url for verification simulation and fallback
  • fixed: async test outputs unescaped html on settings page when debugging enabled
  • fixed: debugging uses extra memory when dumping output to file
  • fixed: json_encode dies silently when passing non-utf8 data, results in AJAX/bulk errors
  • fixed: disabled auto-optimization bypassed for resizes when max dimensions are set
  • fixed: NextGEN support disabled for version 3
  • fixed: progressbar color does not match admin theme for NextGEN/Nextcellent
  • fixed: optimization details overlay styling missing for NextGEN with some locales
  • fixed: FlAGallery batch optimization from Manage Galleries/Images broken
  • fixed: undefined variable notices for resize detection and forced re-optimization
  • updated: PEL library for maintaining metadata during JPG auto-rotation