Jetpack by 6.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 6.1, from version 6.0. Changelog:

  • WordAds: Introduced shortcode for inline Ad placement.
  • WordAds: Added support for the ads.txt file.
  • Dashboard: We improved the styles of status numbers so it doesn’t look like floating.
  • JSON API: Added support for Google My Business integration available on
  • Masterbar: We removed the Next Steps link from the Account sidebar.
  • Publicize: Let the user know that we are going to send emails to subscribers and publicize to the different accounts.
  • Settings: Added “Privacy Information” links to each Jetpack module/feature card.
  • Shortcodes: Mixcloud shortcode now uses oEmbed.
  • Stats: Added a new filter jetpack_honor_dnt_header_for_stats, which if enabled would not track stats for visitors with DNT enabled.
  • Sync: Removed requirement for gzencode.
  • Widgets: always load script via HTTPS for Gravatar Hovercards.
  • Social Icons Widget: Improved support on screen reader text for themes that do not provide support out of the box.
  • Sharing: Removed the sharing and like display functionality from Cart, Checkout, and Account WooCommerce pages.
  • Admin Page: We fixed the internationalization of the plans page.
  • Ads: We fixed a problem that impeded Premium Plan customers to activate Google Analytics.
  • Auto Updates: We fixed a warning being thrown due to a bad concatenation of strings.
  • General: Fixed a warning that was being logged due to attempting to use in_array() over a variable that didn’t always contain an array.
  • General: Fixed Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable showing on PHP 7.x.
  • JSON API: Fixed internationalization on embed endpoint.
  • Theme Tools: Show featured images in WooCommerce pages when Display on blog and archives is turned off for Themes that support this feature.
  • Publicize: Avoid adding Publicize post meta when a post transitions to publish and it is not a publicize-able post type.
  • Settings: Fixed the icon representing the minimum plan needed for SEO and Google Analytics features.
  • Slideshow: Fixed an invalid argument supplied for foreach() warning.
  • SSO: We fixed the name of a filter which contained a typo before. The filter is now named: jetpack_sso_auth_cookie_expiration.
  • SSO: Fixed some cases where we were not handling secure cookies for sites running over https.
  • Sync: Fixed Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach().
  • Sync: Fixed Warning: Warning: json_encode(): recursion detected.
  • WooCommerce Analytics: fixed broken Remove From Cart link.