Jetpack by 6.1.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 6.1.1, from version 6.1. Changelog:

  • Ads: Added new setting for Banner consent expiration. Added new filter jetpack_disable_eu_cookie_law_widget, which can be used to disable the banner.
  • Ads: Added a new personalized-ads-consent cookie for ads-enabled sites.
  • Ads: Added requirement and notice, and button-click opt-in for ads module users.
  • Ads: When a user site has a Privacy Policy page set (introduced in 4.9.6), we now default to using that privacy policy as a custom policy URL.
  • GDPR: A new warning is displayed while configuring an instance of the EU Cookie Law widget: “Caution: The default policy URL only covers cookies set by Jetpack. If you’re running other plugins, custom cookies, or third-party tracking technologies, you should create and link to your own cookie statement.”
  • GDPR: Added Feedback data (i.e., Contact Form Submissions) to the Personal Data exported and/or erased by the latest version of WordPress core.
  • Ads: We updated Ads behaviour to not show unless the visitor is on the main query within the loop.
  • General: We fixed a bug that resulted in an alert box showing for sites set to languages deriving from main ones.
  • Lazy Images: Fixed a bug where images would disappear when scrolling.
  • Sharing: make sure JS files can be loaded on development sites.
  • Sharing: Added check for validating Akismet key before allowing sharing by email.
  • WooCommerce Analytics: Fixed PHP warning when attemping to get a list of plugins.