iThemes Security Pro 5.2.1

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.2.1, from version 5.1.4. Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: Fixed “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent” warning issue that could happen when using reCAPTCHA on sites that add customizations to the login page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an “Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function esc_like()” error that could occur when exporting or erasing personal data.
  • Bug Fix: Skip recovery if File Change storage is empty.


  • New Feature: Added support for the new WordPress privacy features.
  • Enhancement: Removed sending the remote_ip argument to Google’s reCAPTCHA server as it reduces the amount of personal information that is sent.
  • Bug Fix: Changed the rules generated by the Filter Suspicious Query Strings feature in order to avoid blocking privacy export/erasure request confirmations.