AMP 0.7.0

AMP was updated to version 0.7.0, from version 0.6.2. Changelog:

  • Render an entire site as “Native AMP” if the theme calls add_theme_support( ‘amp’ ).
  • AMP spec to automatically discover the required AMP component scripts to include on the page while post-processing.
  • Automatically concatenate stylesheets from style tags with loaded stylesheets from link tags combined in one style[amp-custom].
  • Update serialization to use HTML instead of XML; update minimum version of PHP fro, 5.2 to 5.3.
  • Add support for widgets.
  • Add support for forms.
  • Use “Paired Mode” if the theme calls add_theme_support( ‘amp’ ) and passes a ‘template_dir’ value for the AMP templates.
  • Add AMP implementations of audio/video playlists.
  • Allow full Customization when the theme supports ‘amp’.
  • Add support for all default WordPress widgets.
  • Add support for more default embeds: Issuu, Post, Meetup, Reddit, Screencast, Tumblr, and WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Allow native WordPress commenting, in fully valid AMP.
  • Add a UI for displaying validation errors, including invalid tags and attributes, with tracing for the source for each error according to which theme/plugin’s shortcode, widget, or other hook is responsible. Includes debug mode to suspend sanitizer.
  • On activating a plugin, validate a front-end page and display a notice if there were errors.
  • Creation of AMP-related notifications, on entering invalid content in the ‘classic’ editor.
  • Optionally use <amp-live-list> to display comments, avoiding full-page refreshes on adding comments. And enable making requests for an <amp-live-list>, like for displaying posts.
  • Support <amp-bind>, enabling more dynamic elements.
  • Add output buffering, ensuring the entire page is valid AMP.
  • Add validation of host names in URLs.
  • Add WP-CLI scripts to test AMP support of comments and widgets.
  • Improve test coverage, including for AMP_Theme_Support.
  • Update the generated sanitizer file to the AMP spec, and simplify the file that generates it.
  • Several sanitizer updates, including for styles, and preventing valid tags from being removed.
  • Improve sanitization of <amp-img>, <amp-video>, and <amp-iframe>.
  • Fix an issue where the JSON inside <script type=”application/json”> was wrapped with CDATA.
  • Allow use of AMP components outside of AMP documents, including in PWA.
  • Access the AMP query var with amp_get_slug(), instead of AMP_QUERY_VAR.
  • Update build scripts, including PHP versions in .travis.yml.
  • Prevent New Relic script from being injected in AMP responses.
  • Fix handling of 0 and empty height/width attributes.