iThemes Security Pro 5.0.2

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.0.2, from version 4.9.2. Changelog:


  • Tweak: Move Online Files hashes to a separate storage setting to improve performance on sites with large number of plugins or themes.
  • Tweak: Add description for File Change recovery related logs.
  • Tweak: Don’t report removed files if the removal is caused by a new file extension being excluded.
  • Bug Fix: Improved detection of REST API requests on sites without a home dir.
  • Bug Fix: Improve File Change recovery system on high-traffic websites.
  • Bug Fix: Fix warnings on debug file change log items.


  • Big Fix: Fixed a fatal error condition that could occur on the Grade Report page when specific combinations of manual roles for Two-Factor Protection > User Type Protection were selected.


  • New Feature: Added Grade Report, a tool to identify security weaknesses on the site with options to fix the detected issues.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure all users with the `manage_options` capability are available when selecting contacts in the Notification Center.
  • Enhancement: Added minimal API for adding additional entries to the Security admin menu.